It's over, I saved myself.

April 8, 2009
I run, screaming down the hall
You follow suit; heart void and null.
I scream "Stop!", I plead no
"Please" I sob, "Please let me go."
"Let me leave with some dignity,"
"Spare me from this heartache please"
You press on, lean to the floor,
gather me in your arms once more.
"Baby, that's not what you say when you knight in shining armor, comes to take you away.
Now thank me or I'll leave you here, in your everlasting shell of fear.
Tell me you love me or I'll have to cry, for without you, my love, I would die."
Wrapped in your false assurances, a blanket of false dies; I dry my tears, give in once more, give a regretful, defeated sigh.

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