Daddy why

April 8, 2009
Daddy i stand alone.
why has your faith gone.
You weren't suppose to brake
for goodness sake
why do you want me
to stand alone!
All i wanted to do
is make you proud
but it seems
i got lost in an invisible crowd.
I feel so ashamed
for the choice i made,
give me a spade
to dig my own grave
just don't give me deaths eye.
You don't want me daddy.
I'm only a selfish prize
and all you've ever said
were lies.
I tjought
if i joined this
I would be the best
but it turns out
it's only a contest.
why does everyone
want me gone?
Why do I cry in Gods'
loving arms
instead of some one
that can lend a shoulder
and a hand.
Daddy where are
the footprints in the sand?
why did mommy leave me?
Why does everyone
turn away
and say
"I don't have time,
go away."

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kylahhhhhhhhhhhhhh said...
Nov. 29, 2010 at 11:53 pm
wow! i feel that same way! how my dad just brshes my off his shoulder....when i fall and he's not there to pick me up... i have to pick my self upp...and he's the only parent i gots :(
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