Spring Street

April 8, 2009
By Brandon_Jesse BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Brandon_Jesse BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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2 AM on an arctic Thursday
Night’s come with its hoards of people walking on Spring
Wearing socks with sandals
Names like Jessie, Alex and Taylor
Guys dressed in wool jackets
Calling themselves animal lovers to impress their cute indie girlfriends
A world of hypocrites and liars
Walking by Café Bari, hell has broken loose
Demons in Armani Suits doused in Absolute and Whisky with girls half their age
Ignorant wives waiting at home with food on the table
Passing by the abandoned war heroes, they leave only a penny
A world of sleaze and sin
These veterans, the bums outside Café Bari with no right hands
They plead for more, because you can’t get good alcohol with a damn penny
A world of disgrace and scandal
Pacing down Pink Berry, Green berry, and Yellow Berry
They’re all the same, same people there too
Young beautiful single woman in their twenties
Fixing their hair
Using Lipstick, mascara and blush to be adored
Paying for plastic surgery just to make them smile
A world of insecurity and anxiety
Wandering by the subway
Glancing at the wicked business men
Dealing marijuana to teens with long hair and skateboards
Everyone has a mortgage to pay
A world of withdrawal and dishonesty
These troubled teens stealing money from their parent’s wallets
So they can smoke another hit and escape reality, neglect their dead father, and disregard the lack of love from the living.
A world of thieves and recklessness
Old men in worn out dirty gloves preaching the lord’s name
A group listening and obeying
They’ll buy anything to save them from their sins
A world of Desperation and need
A girl on a bench with a notebook and pen
Silent and observant
Waiting for acknowledgement, waiting for anything
A world of loneliness and cruelty
A world called New York City

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