April 8, 2009
A kiss, left as a finger print to remind,
Remind those of loves lost, and those to come,
Come closer as I call, but yet no return,
Returned to first sight, but only as a dream,
Dreams, they only get me so close,
Close but yet so far away.

It’s much more than the simple mind can grasp
All I ever wanted was answers to questions asked,
Nor He himself could find the time
To answer simple questions of mine,
The heart that was once used to love
Now can only find time to hold that grudge,

All I could ever do is love,
Love you cold till the point of no return,
Return to how things were, I think not,
Not He himself could not tell me why,
Why love soon turn to lies.

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Kristinn said...
Apr. 22, 2009 at 1:54 am
Comment me, tell me what you think! :D
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