Guardian Angel

April 8, 2009
By Anonymous

I am invisible
I walk by
You don’t see me
Nothing new, you never see me

I do not choose this
I feel it
I know you are there
I see you everyday
I notice everything

You talk to me
But don’t see me
A cause not worth fighting for
I am here
By your side
I am always here
Your guardian angel
Silently protecting you
Against words

My life is for you
I hear your every word
It’s mine
Your heart
You gave it to me
Years ago
But you lost it
Your mind
Your heart
You lean on me
You cry on my shoulder
I comfort you
I hold you close
I shelter in your mind

You do not see me
And like that
I am gone
Nothing more than a whisper

Now you have wasted me away
I have nothing left for you
For I am invisible

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