April 8, 2009
By jazzychild SILVER, SAN ANTONIO, Texas
jazzychild SILVER, SAN ANTONIO, Texas
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The day I died was yesterday
Cause it took my breath away
I feel ashamed of myself
For the things that I felt
Confused, Alone, Sad and Dark
That was how I left my mark
Upon the world that rejected me
I bet they shout with glee
I found myself all alone
Yet my body feels of stone
The tears I weep no one cares
It’s just because I’m full of despair
The things I say are never heard
Just in one ear and out the other
I come to you my dear friend
But you turn and go away
Why do the ones I care
Care for always leave, leave
Me as the one to blame for all the pain
I bleed, I cry, I have feelings too
You just never feel do you?
The day I died was yesterday
No one cried because I died
No one cares that I’m hurt
And torn up inside, why me I plead
To the light blue SKY

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