Don't Ever Let Go

April 8, 2009
By ashley_nicole BRONZE, Paulding, Ohio
ashley_nicole BRONZE, Paulding, Ohio
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There are times in my life,
when I wish you were here.
You save me from things,
that can hurt me for real.

You are my lover...
my friend for all time.
You bring me great joy...
and you bring me to life.

You are amazing...
not lifeless and dull.
You bring out the good...
when the bad comes to fall.

When I dream of you...
I don't want to wake.
When I feel you so close...
I don't dare go to sleep.

I'm here forever...
till the end of all time.
A friend till the end...
standing right by your side.

Holding your hand...
and kissing your lips.
I'm here for the taking...
and you've pulled me right in.

My heart is open...
and begging for yours.
I put my soul in your hands...
please don't ever let go.

The author's comments:
I was feeling absolutely loved by my boyfriend at the time, and I wrote this purely on all my feelings for him.

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