April 7, 2009
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Her life has become a lie
this is not what she was born to be
an animated corpse
another faceless mask
following the crowd
her soul is beautiful
but with everything
that she has been through
it has been ravaged and broken
leaving only a little glimpse
as to all that she could have been
it only took one time
of her trying drugs
to flip her life upside down
one time to lose all that she had

It took a long time for her to see
all that it had done
she's tried to stop
and mend the damage
but every time she has needed
just one more time
time has finally run out
there's no going back
her life was forfeited
as she lies now in her grave
there is nothing of her left
but the memories of
her so-called life
and regret that it has come to this

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