It Was Real

April 7, 2009
By Anonymous

She left you
You called me saying that you needed to see me
You called me saying you needed to talk about it to a friend
I saw the tears run down your face
I knew how much you loved and cared for her
I never wanted to see you like that
I loved and cared for you even if you were just a friend

You asked me the question I’d been waiting for
I said yes
We held each other tightly
My arms around your neck
Yours around my waist

It was indescribable how I felt when I was with you
It was indescribable the feelings I had for you
That day, I really and truly loved you
But more than a friend
That night, I couldn’t sleep
Because I was thinking about you

Two nights gone by
You called me and told me something I didn’t expect

She texted you saying she wants you back
You asked me what to do because you were with me
I told you I don’t know and it was your decision to make
No matter what
I knew which choice you were going to make

You were going to choose to get back with her
And leave me in the dark
Even though you hurt me
It doesn’t mean I won’t stop loving you
Even if it’s just a friend or more than a friend

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