Gravel Road

April 7, 2009
I walk this gravel road that is shared by millions but still remain alone, highly confused and not knowing what to do, trying to figure out my next move, I drop to my knees on the cold hard ground, the wind blows the leaves that lie beneath my feet, I look up to the sky and just begin to cry, I’m slowly losing my mind, my hands begin to shake as the tears fall down my face, my thoughts are scattered so I can’t even think straight, trying to remember to breathe as my heart is jumping out my chest, I grasp my chest to catch my breath, then look up to the sky and see the sun trying to rise, a single ray begins to light my way and then I realize that I’m incomplete, all alone knowing this isn’t easy street, I turn my head and see my past and it shows I was alone all along, I never needed a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on, I never had a problem with making it on my own, so why start now with a cry or plea, when I can keep going with just me, I start with getting up on one knee then jumping up on my two feet, now the sun is the highest in the sky and there is no gray to over shadow my way!

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