April 7, 2009
By kittykat BRONZE, Bayonne, New Jersey
kittykat BRONZE, Bayonne, New Jersey
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This morning I woke up
Not knowing who I’d be
Looking in the mirror realizing,
What is my identity?

I’m a kid with dreams
That flow forever more
With my imagination soaring
Like it’s never been before

I’m a kid with goals and hopes
Hoping to see them all come true
Hoping to see my life as perfect
As one and one is two

But a kid like me
Also has its doubts
As the load of all my worries
Piles up by pounds

When I know my heart is pounding,
And when the sky starts pouring rain
It’s a whole new different story
Very hard for someone to explain

My hopes and dreams all fade away
And my blue sky is now black
As I sit there by my window
Watching as my fears begin to stack

And I try to keep that smile on my face
‘Till the very end
Knowing it won’t last very long
And my broken heart won’t mend

As I work through life so miserably
A glimpse of good I start to see
And my soul gets filled with happiness
As it settles itself calmingly

I can see and feel
All my dreams and goals are coming true
Everything I wished for
Was beginning to break through.

I meet a ton of famous people
And my records all get better
My grades at school are soaring,
And my life is now a pleasure.

I don’t know what caused the change,
But it sure feels a lot better
To have my life all arranged
For the first time since I can remember.

The author's comments:
I got the inspiration for this poem from basically, my everyday life. Not only can I relate to the poem personally, but I think others can as well. We all go through hardships in life, and this is just a poem explaining what I, and many others, are going through in their teen years as we begin to find ourselves and where we belong.

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