April 7, 2009
Bitter anger, black as the darkest night
in the distance, a storm brews
crackling, looming, drawing ever closer
hate radiates around, never stopping
never resting, replacing ruthlessly what once was love and care

The storm is almost here yet no clear spot can be seen
torrents of lightning crackling thunder all floods
down drowning you drowning me
washing us away with torrents of water- ruthless floods

then the flood stops the thunder
fades but no sun emerges no light no heat
sleet falls down soft slushy sleet
cold as the coldest heart black as the blackest
death. The thunder rolls in the distance,
just beyond reach It has no energy
left- it succumbs, gives up!
It rolls away dragging the sun, the
warmth with it. gone forever… the cold reigns…

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