always be my baby <3

April 7, 2009
By btchcmv GOLD, Bronx, New York
btchcmv GOLD, Bronx, New York
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part of me is always
going to love you
no matter what
part of my heart is always
going to be yours
i can try to run from my feelings
but they always find me in the end
there will always be times when i will cry
hoping you will make everything better
and come back to me
i will never forget the times we had
or the memories we shared
they are a permanent part of me
no amount of love from anyone else
can erase them
no one can ever take your place
the truth is
you will always be my baby

The author's comments:
i wrote this a while ago
back when me and my now ex boyfriend broke up
most of it still stands true today
although he doesnt realize it

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