The Call

April 7, 2009
By Anonymous

It lasted 44 seconds
On January 27th.
My phone only knows that part of the story,
But my heart knows the other.

This call changed everything.
It made waves of jealousy and rage
Wash over me everytime I passed by him.
It made me speechless everytime he was around.

How could one call do this?
How could it make you want to fix all that went wrong?
If only I had the answer
To these two questions.

The regret ate me alive.
I felt a sudden pain that cannot be expressed in words.
I thought there was no way of healing it,
But I was wrong.

I couldn't be more glad
That I answered that call.
The regret was no longer eating me alive,
And the pain went away with ease.

Yet, I still wonder; what if that call was never made?

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