The Fall Of Dawn

April 7, 2009
By blake bright BRONZE, Cedar Park, Texas
blake bright BRONZE, Cedar Park, Texas
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He dreams on and on about his beautiful princess so perfect so amazing, his love eternal, for eteranlly true

The moon rises as the sun falls the worlds covered in its blanket for shes wrapped in his arms, forever he holds her protecting her from harms

The world pieces together as it strays apart, we stand to fight for we draw our swords from eachothers heart, our love a weapon so powerful, our love could even change fate, destined, by the stars above

For its on this special night his wings take him flight
he drifts to her, again holding her tight, stars fall for truth for nothings ever been so right for sometimes even dark is the brightest light

Angels in clouds laying to watch the world play on, their film,
our smiles cant be missed, our adventures cant be passed
our stories so amazing its truly ours & we'll never have to rehearse together we grow stronger, our family growing as two becomes three, they give us every star in the universe, and as we kiss we set them all free

So free yet they seem to dim until i turn to her,
i finally find a way to take my heart and fully unwind
describe all of my love, my care and my devotion,
the moments so perfect, for her smile rises
then again the stars ignite the prince dreams of her, waiting to hold her once more, he falls into awe as he falls deeper n deeper in love

His singing voice begins to slow n crawl
he smiles for he knows, they stand together, thru it all
he'll never let his true love fall..

Thinking back, i was once an angel chained into the clouds, i could not break them i screamed for eternity i cannot take this any longer, suddenly a star began to fall, its light weakend the chains for he finally broke free he ran and he caught her, looked into her eyes he saw into, endless skys
suddenly he had an answer, for all of his whys, her kiss faded all the pain all the loneliness was finally gone..they held eachother and they fell thru the oceans

They fell thru the skys and the stars, they fell thru the clouds and into, the dawn....

Finally the day was born, they awoke upon a familiar shore
he gave her his heart and he asked her, she agreed and they laid there in eachothers arms

Forever and ever more........

The author's comments:
My name is Blake and this is a poem i wrote for the most beautiful and amazing girl in the universe, shes my true love and we're expecting a baby boy July 17th. we've been together 4 years and i'll forever be by her side, she'll always be my princess, my shooting star my hearts forever her's.

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