April 7, 2009
By pixy72009ebsb GOLD, Ely, Nevada
pixy72009ebsb GOLD, Ely, Nevada
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you can't change fate you can only wait for him to wake up and realize you're there.-me sammy hallett
if you think you are thats all youll ever be- the las star fighter

Daddy why can't i do anything right,
youve lost your path
i haven't.
Please don't make me cry
just because you think
his words are lies,
but daddy
i won't let you
destroy all i know
because one day i won't need you.
I speak true
because dad
even if you don't feel the same
i love you.
i know daddy,
on sunday
if you don't show
I'll cry
but my father
will help me grow.
I'll sit alone
in that chaple
happy but torn
because daddy
I'm fighting
the families storm.
athey say i'm strongh
but you're wrong
and you've played this game
far to long.
myy pitty
is gone.
Believe what you want
because i'll always stand
of my brother and sisters
of what you say is wrong.
Its all i have
hes the only one that loves me
the only one that cares
to hold me through my tears
as i watch
everyone walk away.
So i say
do what you do
and i'll do
what i have to.

The author's comments:
i tried the family evening thing and my dad had to start in on some stuff that he didnt need to make a big deal out of and it was my first time having and conducting the home evening thing and was nervouse so my dad shouldnt have done that.

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