It happened in an instant

April 7, 2009
By Anonymous

It happened in an instant,
the time it tkaes for a camera to flash,
Those two seconds, where blindness clusters,
Where pixels of blakc and white crash together and it was over.

It happened in an instant,
it took my breath away,
to known your gone, but knowing if your coming back,
It makes me want to cry, but I have to be strong, for you, for everyone.

It happened in an instant,
from the moment you put on your camouflage uniform,
We know you were departing,
leaving us behind.

Knowing your doing the right thing,
but still not wanting you to go,
how could we hold you back?
we are so proud of you...

It happened in an instant,
our last butterfly kiss, until you return home,
our last bear hug, until you return home,
our last little inside joke, until you return home.

It happened in an instant,
were all colors mixed,
where blindness is what I saw,
time crept up and now its time to go.

I see your final wave,
I send you a message saying, "I can't believe your gone"
Not expecting a reply back, but not surprised when i recieved one saying, "I know, it all happened in an instant."

The author's comments:
For times when you know someone is leaving your life for a little while. You miss them terribly before the day they have to leave has even come.

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