Train Ride

April 7, 2009
By seraphin BRONZE, Hollywood, Florida
seraphin BRONZE, Hollywood, Florida
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knapsack, muddy face
rolling steel, blurry trees
fresh air, open sky
rocking back, rocking forth
hard brakes, hard stops

the world stops, the world looks
waiting impatiently, tapping on wheels
staring through square windows
pulling the windows up
turning the radio loud

smokey trail, rusty nails
hard floor, cold nights
Arizona sunset, California sunrise
chugging sounds, lugging boxes
stormy rains, blazing heat

Seeing the world one day at a time
west coast to the east
they don't see, they don't know
they carry the extra baggage
of torn up shirt and blood dried hands

knapsack, muddy face
rolling steel, blurry trees
roaming free, seeing dreams
rocking back, rocking forth
train ride, world wide

The author's comments:
When I was watching the never ending train pass by from the car window I began to wonder how in the past hitch hikers use to travel on the trains with their grim faces and the thought inspired me to write this poem.

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