Dragon's Battle

April 7, 2009
By ink_on_my_fingers BRONZE, Penn Valley, California
ink_on_my_fingers BRONZE, Penn Valley, California
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Their kind ruled the skies
With fire and soot they ruled.
People of that time looked with eyes
Full of fear and thought them cruel.

Thought they were just another thing of this Earth
Scared and worried for themselves and their kin,
That they would die from their birth
They feared that knights would be paid for their skin.

One stood in strength and pride
Before the armies of man and their ways
For his freedom and family and their right to ride
Before the armies in their uniforms of greens and grays

There he stood, his brothers behind him
Facing what seemed their apparent doom
Their existence stood on a whim
Both armies glared through the gloom

The morning was cold as ice
The battle and dragon’s existence at hand,
The dragon’s blood was the price
But they stood together, as one great band.

The charges sounded loud
The warriors, young and old, ran and chanted their names
The regret of the battle hung over like a shadowy cloud
The field shrouded in flames.

It is apparent who won the mighty battle that day
We only see the brave dragons on store shelves
Their maker’s design their faces light and gay
The dust collects on them as the sit on their shelves

As they sit there, waiting
We remember them in books and tales
They watch from the skies, grinning
The stars are their scales.

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