Dormant Defeat

April 7, 2009
By Shayna Renzulli GOLD, Easton, Pennsylvania
Shayna Renzulli GOLD, Easton, Pennsylvania
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The highlight of my night is when you hold me tight
And kiss me softer than you speak,
My whole body goes weak.
‘Cause when I’m in your arms
I feel safe from all harm,
All my fears become unreal whenever you are near.
Which is new, it’s true, until I met you
Alone I went through
The fright of the night,
Of shadows lurking out of sight.
And yea it made me tough
But I’ve really had enough
Of fighting off demons every time I’m dreaming.
But now I know I can rest
Because you put them to the test
And proved to be the best.
It really took me by surprise
How your beating heart is their demise,
How your lips are a shield to all their lies,
How your dreary whisper can silence their cries.
You are my knight in cotton sheets
There’s not a nightmare you can’t defeat ,
And now I know I can soundly sleep
As long as it’s you drifting off with me.

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