April 7, 2009
By jaden46 GOLD, Kingsley, Iowa
jaden46 GOLD, Kingsley, Iowa
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I dream of you.
I’m running after you but I can’t reach you.
I keep running but I never get any closer
then I’m surrounded all around by walls.
I try to break through but I’m too weak
they are too strong.
But then something changes
one starts to crumble.
I can see you on the other side
smiling at me telling me it’s ok,
that you still love me,
that you will see me soon.
I’m about to get through.
The wall is almost gone.
One last brick.
Then I turn
for a split second
the wall is back.
Your gone.
I don’t know what to do.
Now there are more people.
Everyone I love.
Everyone that loves me.
They see me.
But they never saw you
they don’t see the walls.
They only see me.
I only see the walls.
But one day I will make it past these walls
I will make it back to you.

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