To Live In The Cage

April 7, 2009
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We stroll around the camps in silence
Once our country, now denies us

No privacy, we live in stables
Surrounded by nails, our names now labels

You enjoy your way of life
We are stabbed by the hot suns knife

You get to walk around in peace
We live on scraps our only food gratis

Over our fate the big wigs battle
The fear of uncertainty causes our prattle

Society fears vendetta’s wake
The bombs were blown the Earth would shake

To be judged, because you live
To be stabbed by societies shiv

We know they fear us without reason
They think we plot a complex treason

We cannot speak only whisper
Forced to fear the iron gun glister

Being an American, a life we once knew
Neighbors with many, yet defended by few

Our heritage we hold, proud in tradition
They view it now as guilty admission

Why we scream they do not know
We’re covered in blisters from head to toe

We lost our home we lost our friends
When it’s over it doesn’t end

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