Going Green

April 7, 2009
By K.smartie BRONZE, Forestville, Maryland
K.smartie BRONZE, Forestville, Maryland
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Oh you trucks and cars
With your polluting ways
Change to hybrid
It’s better to save
And all you people
Littering the ground
Killing our whales
Their death rates are going down
None of you care
How you’re damaging our world
Looking at the trash
Makes me wanna hurl
Some of you want to save our place
But others oh you others
Polluting with your waste
So help save our world
The place where we live
And go green with your items
Because you get what you give!

The author's comments:
I wanted to write this poem because I was thinking about how in this age, we have to recycle. People now don't understand that littering cigerettes out of your car and throwing trash into the cheasepeak bay or into sewers isn't good for Mother Earth.

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