Foggy Window

April 7, 2009
By Anonymous

I see you behind
The window that is now
Layered over with steam,
I took my hand
And whipped some of it away,
Just so I can see you clearly.
You don’t seem to notice me anymore,
I seem to be a fragment
Of your imagination,
Some near blur of the past,
Do you even care anymore?

You used to look up at me
And smile with your eyes shining bright
And everything around you radiating out,
What happened?
Sometimes you’ll lift your head
And smile at me,
Or tell me that you do think of me,
And sometimes I wonder
Why I’m stupid enough to believe you.

You’re the reason for everything,
When will that become apart of you?
I’ve told you about the monsters,
I’ve told you about the nightmares
That haunt me when the world is asleep,
And I’ve told you
That only you can save me,
How can I make myself clearer?

You’re the reason for the tears,
You’re the reason for the pain,
But you’re also the reason for the smiles
That cross my face
And all of the good things
That hide behind this broken heart.
Sometimes just look up at me
From the world that you live in
And just smile at me
And make me feel like you love me.

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