April 7, 2009
By , Weed, CA
Through the billows of the white sheet
I can see you through the splits in the fabric,
And I peer out like frightened child,
Not sure where to go
When my eyes meet yours.
I’m surrounded by stains
Of my tears,
Hand me the pastels,
So I can outline them with different colors,
So then maybe the monsters will go away.
Pull the sheets away,
Open the blinds that hold the darkness in,
So I can see the sunlight again.
Make me get up
So I can teach my legs
How to walk again.
Teach me how to smile,
Bring back the memories
That lurk within my heart,
And teach me how to be me
Like you once did before.

Hold me again,
Make the child in me comfortable,
And make me forget this world
For a little while,
So I can forget the pain
That surrounds me when you’re gone.
You’ll never understand
Everything I have to say,
I know that now.
You don’t see the monsters,
Do you even care that I’m afraid?
Sometimes I think you may let them get to me,
And sometimes I know you wouldn‘t,
Which is it?

I can’t keep running to you
When I’m afraid,
I can’t help it though,
But it hurts when you reject me,
Or when you leave me
Wide open in the dark
So they can come get me again,
And make the pain come back.
Please protect me,
I need you more
Then you need me,
I know that now.
I’ve learned that
You can’t always be there,
No matter how hard you try.
Just come hold me for five seconds,
The monsters will leave me alone, I promise.

Make the nightmares go away,
Especially the ones where you die.
I wake up screaming your name
Into the darkness
As the tears rush down my face
And the sweat pours down my body.
I can’t handle it,
I can’t take the pain anymore.
You’re the only one
That can make the scary things
That lurk within the dark go away,
I guarantee that.
Please, just make me numb
For a little while,
So then I don’t have to feel anything at all.

This is why I hide in the sheets,
I can barely see you through the fabric now
As the colors surround me.
The pastels didn’t work.
They didn’t make the monsters go away.
Just climb under here and hold me,
They’ll go away, I promise

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