an affinity for imagination

April 6, 2009
By JamesNikko SILVER, San Pablo, California
JamesNikko SILVER, San Pablo, California
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ike this tree that i see, from its roots to its seed,
i am forever grounded when you're present.
like the sun in the sky, leaves sprung up so high,
this is just the beginning, and i'm delighted by our growth.
like the trunk of the tree, every branch is the key,
these moments are what make us "we".
like the fruit on each limb, sweet fruit above the chin, you are delicious.
like the search for the sun, our height has become,
nature's natural affinity for an endless thirst that only you can satiate.
we need each other.
but, mother, this world just won't accept us.
and, mother, your tears that resemble global warming make me weary.
father continues to maneuver his hands faster and faster.
and, father remembers but wishes not to adapt.
and, God.. God is still waiting.

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