A New Moon Poem

April 6, 2009

The darkest part of night is near, Clouds rolling over head.

The once bright light that lead us here, Just waiting to go dead.

The love like light, now broken bonds are tearing at my heart.

For my one true love has left me now, breaking us apart.

The doubt that grew within me, was always about myself,

A lifetime of insecurities, just waiting to break out.

He said he didn’t love me, He said he didn’t care.

And as I slumped to the forest floor I simply couldn’t bear.

Slipping into darkness seemed the easiest way,

For my own foolishness I would have to pay,

Why would he ever love me, A question that made no sense,

I was just a pathetic human, how could I be so dense?

I wanted my life back, but only he made it complete

So I lay there watching it slip away with my defeat,

But then a guiding light appeared, a friend against all odds,

He brought me back to life again, telling stories of his gods,

He was a friend in times of darkness, a Brother when I was sad,

But as these things go, they had to end so bad,

He wanted more than friendship, a fate I could not share,

And although I knew I loved him, it was one of only care,

Jacob was my home dog, and taught me many things,

Motorcycles and cliff-diving were just part of many flings,

But when I jumped into the water, my intent was clear,

I wanted my life over, giving up everything that had once been dear,

I plunged into the water, hearing a voice inside my head,

Pleading with me desperately, begging with such dread,

How I wished that voice were real, That Edward was still here,

And against the current, I fought with all my fear,

But my efforts were lost as I slipped farther away,

Jacob grabbed me from the water on that fateful day,

Alice came back to Forks and warned me of this trouble,

And so we raced to Voltera, to save Edward from this rubble,

I ran across the courtyard, my human legs making haste,

But I knew I wasn’t fast enough, this would all just be a waste,

My heart beat through my chest, I could see him standing there,

I called out his named, but his face was a mask of pain to bear,

And as the clock did chime, I smacked into his marble skin,

But he was still with wonder, for he had such a sin,

He thought that he had died, and had escaped a fate in hell

I tried to make him see, I was alive and trying to be well,

The guard came down upon us and brought us to their lair,

But within all truth, I really could not care,

I was with my one true love even if he did not want me there,

So when we did escape and go back to Forks, my thoughts I did share.

I said I did not blame him, I said that he shouldn’t stay,

But when I did this he responded with no way,

He explained his blackest blasphomy, for which I could be sure,

Nothing had ever been darker than the words oh so unpure.

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