A Twilight Poem

April 6, 2009
The sky is dull and lifeless in the tiny town so green,

Where a new girl trudges never thinking he would be so mean,

Little Bella Swan, This new police chief’s daughter,

Caught the eye of someone special who was refraining from a slaughter,

She never thought she’d see him sitting there in so much pain

For little did she know he lusted for the blood within her vein,

She thought he didn’t like her as he clung to the edge of his seat,

But little did she know he was planning a great feat,

His will was to kill her but why she didn’t know,

He fought against his wishes so that they wouldn’t show,

For the Cullen’s were the Cold Ones and that’s why their pale skin glowed,

Each and every one of them hunting the blood that quickly flowed,

Now he finally realized that her intoxicating scent,

Had much greater meaning then what he thought it meant,

The coolness of his skin sent a tingle down her spine,

Then when they sat together he dropped one single line,

“We shouldn’t be friends,” was his cold conclusion,

Making her head swim in a sea of vast confusion,

She guessed tales of biting spiders or that of Lois Lane,

He would laugh for this was causing him great pain,

And then she finally realized what he truly was,

And yet she didn’t care for her heart was in a buzz,

Edward Cullen was a vampire of that she was solidly sure,

And a not so subtle part of him was trying to endure,

He introduced her to his family and they smiled with good grace,

For they could plainly see the new found happiness on Edward’s face,

One a rainy night they found a clearing miles away,

And during a game of vampire baseball someone went astray,

Somewhere in the darkness a new coven ran with haste,

For now they were on the hunt for a girl with an enthralling taste,

So now Edward Cullen took the stance of a great defender,

And one of the newfound vampires was exposed as a great pretender,

Bella fled to Phoenix, a city she knew well,

And in that vast, huge city is where her story almost fell,

That tracker who was hunting tricked her with his lies,

And so Bella wrote a sad note saying her good-byes,

She ran from watchful eyes and got trapped within the mirrored walls,

Where she went to meet her death with a brave face that didn’t fall,

And as she slipped from consciousness, she heard an angel’s voice,

And so Edward saved her from the venom that would have been her choice,

Taking her with care to a place where she could recover,

He told her very softly that he would always sincerely love her.

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Twilightnme said...
May 16, 2009 at 12:52 am
WOW! that's awesome! you're a natural
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