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By Marco0514 BRONZE
North Reading, Massachusetts

As I know it I am on a plane to go to the most romantic place in the world, Italy. The thought is amazing, eating every second of every day with the best cooks and the best pizza....
Marco0514 BRONZE, North Reading, Massachusetts
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Kennethh_Willy BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
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Lexy Khella SILVER, Bradenton, Florida
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By Anonymous
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By mahhh BRONZE
Reno, Nevada
mahhh BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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bassclarinetist12 BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
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By Bsward27 BRONZE
Duluth, Minnesota
Bsward27 BRONZE, Duluth, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
When in doubt, pull out

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By Brianna Oldham BRONZE
Alexander, Arkansas
Brianna Oldham BRONZE, Alexander, Arkansas
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Great Falls, Montana
LadiesMan PLATINUM, Great Falls, Montana
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Favorite Quote:
"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"

Melanie Thibeault SILVER, Attleboro, Massachusetts
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