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Storytelling This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I recently read an article on the New Yorker’s website entitled “The Percy Jackson Problem.” The premise of the article is that children seem to be reading the wrong things. It argues that perhaps Percy Jackson is not the best place for a... (more »)
Why Do We Dance?
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   When people ask me to say what defines me the most, my answer is, “dance”. Puzzled by my response, they quickly jump to conclusions and say that I am much more than that; however, dance has a deeper meaning. Dancers... (more »)
The Heisman Trophy: Character or Capability? This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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The Heisman Trophy is the epitome of all sports accolades. Every football fan dreams of hoisting this 25-pound bronze trophy overhead at the end of a record-setting season. The Trophy is awarded each year to an outstanding player in college... (more »)
Bumps and Bruises: No Recognition
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If I were to ask any athletes what the word sport means to them, I guarantee that they are going reply a hard working, sweat drenching, and  physically draining activity. Which, they are correct. However, if I asked the athletes what kind... (more »)
Failure is Learning Again and Again and Again…
By , Abilene, KS
Nine thousand shots missed, 300 games lost, 26 times a team has trusted one individual to lead the team to success and he missed the basket.  One man hit 714 home runs and struck out 1,330 times. It took over a thousand times to create the... (more »)
Center Stage
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“Learning to walk set you free. Learning to dance gives you the greatest freedom of all: to express with your whole self the person you are,” said Melissa Hayden, an actress from the song and dance troupe The Young Americans. Words... (more »)
To be the greatest of all time
By , Glendale, CA
Boxing has been a sport that has been around longer than most sports. Boxing has always had a very large fan base, and a with every generation there is always a fighter that is dominating the sport and is superior compared to the other fighters... (more »)
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The book I am reading is called Insurgent. It is about 5 factions which are called Erudite, Abnegation, Amity, Dauntless, and Candor. Each is known for something different. Erudite for knowledge, they are the ones who make most of the... (more »)
Who Is Kobe Bryant?
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Who is Kobe Bryant? Kobe Bryant is the definition of dedication, perfection, and leadership. Kobe, aka the Black Mamba, was born August 23, 1978. While attending Lower Merion High School in Pennsylvania, he was an outstanding basketball player;... (more »)
NBA Draft Overhaul
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Professional sports in America are growing quickly. They are rapidly expanding businesses that want to make money while putting out the best product. The NBA is one of the largest businesses in sports, and their product, are the players. The... (more »)
What Soccer Means to Me
Soccer, to me, is like a passion. Whether it’s playing it or watching it, i can’t live without it. You can compare this to how important a banana is to a monkey. If you take the banana the monkey will be furious. Whenever i am on... (more »)
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My life revolves around soccer. Weather I’m at school, home, alone, or with friends, it is always on my mind. I watch and play both the real game in a team and the video game. I don’t ever see the sport not being a part of my life... (more »)
The Art of Gaming
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Gaming, when you hear this word you may think of board games, or games in general. But, in this case, I am speaking of video gaming on computers or different consoles. Video games can take place on platforms such as the Xbox One or the... (more »)
Marching Band Is a Sport
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First off, I will answer a very important question. 'Why do you care so much if we consider marching band a sport or not?' Easy. I care because we work hard too. We deserve to be recognized. At what pep rally or other school event has... (more »)
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Photographic Memories
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If you were to ask me to list the things that make me want to go outside, almost all of them have something to do with taking pictures of anything and everything. Golden trees in the fall, white powder in the winter, colorful, blooming petals... (more »)
Proud to be An American
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America’s most important tradition? Friday night lights. This is more than just some event. It’s more than screaming, high fiving strangers, or even hearing the student section’s tradition. People of all... (more »)
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