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Here are the most recent sports / hobbies articles:

Football's Greatest Rivalry
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Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo: the two greatest footballers of this generation. These two stars are known all around the world even to some who barely know anything about the game of soccer. Their rivalry is one of the greatest ones in... (more »)
Most Dangerous Sport Around the World
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Let's start off with defining what sport means. "Sport is an athletic activity requiring skills and physical strength." (Most)There are many sport's that you may not know about. I guess most people consider basketball, soccer,... (more »)
NBA Stars Should Be Punished
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NBA Stars are idols for basketball fans all over the world whether it’s Steph Curry popping that three or Lebron James posterizing a player. These are probably our fondest memories of the NBA, but behind all that is a secret the franchise is... (more »)
Video Games Are the Most Entertaining Form of Art
By , Vietnam, Viet Nam
Video games are many things. Some call them trash, others think they are works of art. Can videogames be considered art? Can videogame mechanics and design be seen as unique as the brush strokes or coloration of the paintings of Pablo Picasso or... (more »)
By , pontiac, MI
What is your favorite sport? Well, my favorite sport is called soccer. Soccer is really fun and you only can use your feet to kick the ball. Soccer is played in over 200 countries. Approximately 250 million people play soccer a year. I would... (more »)
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No Pain, No Game
By , Cupertino, CA
 “Water break!” Sung yelled. He was an instructor. Tall, slender and very flexible just like every other experienced instructor. He was good at his job so that made him a good leader being strict and everything, but after... (more »)
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Lacrosse is a sport of passion, skill, and determination. Lacrosse can be the most exhilarating sport to play or the most devastating blow to your morale. To effectively play the game of lacrosse, you must first be skilled, then fit, and most... (more »)
This I Believe
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When I come home from school I will eat something then I head right downstairs to play video games. If I had a bad day at school that day, video games will make me forget about everything bad that had happened that day. It doesn't really... (more »)
College Sports, the Country-Wide Debate on...
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For years, sports fans have argued about whether college athletes should be compensated for the hours of work they do for their school and the revenue brought in. In today’s society, one side might say that these athletes should be paid... (more »)
Chicago Blackhawks
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Do you think that the Blackhawks are going to win the Stanley Cup in this year of 2017? I think they will because they got so many good people. For example, Patrick Kane, Artemi Panarin, Jonathan Toews, Artem Amismov, Richard Panik and so much... (more »)
What the World Gains from Optimism?
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“A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty”. Winston Churchill said this quote, and I believe it makes all readers question them selves and as to whether they see the glass... (more »)
Performance Enhancement Drugs in Sports
Performance enhancing drugs have been a big controversy in sports for years. It is used in many sports for example, Lance Armstrong (cycling) and Alex Rodriguez (baseball) were both athletes who used performance enhancing drugs and they were... (more »)
Why Cheerleading Is a Sport This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Everyone has predetermined notions about cheerleading. Clearly it isn’t a conventional sport with a ball and equipment like knee pads or helmets. I’m not kidding myself, I know when you think of the word “sport”, cheer... (more »)
A Rather Twisty Competition
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I walked through the double doors of a rather small multipurpose building on an unusually tranquil Saturday morning, greeted by the adroit movements of people solving their Rubik’s cubes, working tirelessly to achieve their personal best... (more »)
Conor McGregor the Greatest Ever
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Conor McGregor is the most dominant UFC fighter ever.  But what is it that makes him so good?  It is more complicated than one may think but there is a reason that he is called “The Notorious.”  Although there are... (more »)
By , Auburn, NY
For many people, it is important to have a way to be able to escape from reality in a sense. Sometimes it's music, drawing, writing or even an activity. I feel like it is important because you can't bottle up all your emotions inside and never... (more »)
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