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Here are the most recent sports / hobbies articles:

Sewing Lives
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Molly says she’ll make the costumes for her group’s skit, because she loves sewing. But, then she arrives home and is informed her little brother, Tommy, has broken her sewing machine. Molly only knows how to sew on a machine, and... (more »)
How to be an Exceptional Teacher Aide
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Being a teacher aide, or a TA for short, hints at one's inner aptitude to contribute to the wellbeing of another. A student with sentinent is more surprising than an adult, because they are showing desire to appreciate what an education... (more »)
Athletes Are Overpaid
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“Every professional athlete owes a debt of gratitude to the fans and management, and pays an installment every time he plays. He should never miss a payment.”   -Bobby Hull   Who do we value most? People who... (more »)
What Is AQHA?
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AQHA is a very fun organization it, stands for American Quarter Horse Association.     Many people may think well, it just consists of horses well it does not. There are horse show under AQHA held all across the world and in... (more »)
The First Real Race
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Utter hate, oh how I did not want to run! My teacher and soccer coach, Mr.B, had stared me cold in the eye, "Mariana if you quit cross country, you quit soccer." So here I was, at a meet a year later, after the horrible scarring sixth... (more »)
The Clippers, What Now?
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So, my prediction for the Clippers might not have come out to what i thought it would be. I will own up to it though. I am a Los Angeles Clippers fan who lost to the Utah Jazz in 6 games and we have never made it to the conference finals let... (more »)
Overpaid and Underworked
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Imagine yourself in the life of a professional basketball player. You wake up at 6:30 in the morning for your 2 hour practice at 7:00 which drenches you in sweat. You take an hour-long shower at home before going to a meeting with your agents... (more »)
We Must Have Winners
By , Franklin, IN
Think about the most competitive rivalry in high school athletics, college athletics, and professional sports. If there was not a winner and a loser between the two teams, then who would have the bragging rights?  In Ohio for the state... (more »)
The World's Game
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Have you ever wanted to play soccer? Do you want to learn new position? Without a doubt you want to wear the right clothing so you don't get injured. If you already play soccer you can learn from professional players. Surely you will learn... (more »)
Go Sporty!!
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Sports are special forms of physical exercises and games which are very essential for the maintenance of health and body. They help in the nourishment of mind and body. They make us stronger and sharper physically as well as mentally. As it is... (more »)
Where Does the Blame Go?
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On December 14, 2012 a 20 year old Adam Lanza shot 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Although this is a tragic event it was blamed on something that I don’t think is right. The shooting was supposedly caused by Adam Lanza... (more »)
Why US Soccer Made the Right Decision; What...
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No parent wants to see their kid go down with a head injury, and no kid wants to be subbed off for a head injury, but this is the risk that all soccer players face every time they take the pitch, especially for young, developing brains. This... (more »)
College Athletes Deserve to be Paid
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Discussed many times is if college athletes should be paid. However, no changes have been made to the system. It is time to start giving college athletes what they deserve. On March 31st, 2013 Kevin Ware, a basketball player from Louisville,... (more »)
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Bo Jackson ran for 2,782 yards and 16 touchdowns, however he said “I would have never played football.” If he knew about the risk of concussions and head injuries. Several players have also decided to retire from the NFL early. They... (more »)
Life is Not Always Winning
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American author David McCullough once said these fine words: “If everyone is special, then no one is. If everyone gets a trophy, trophies become meaningless.” Handing out participation trophies is not going to make children learn... (more »)
Transgender Athletes Should Be Allowed to Compete
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We all know who Caitlyn Jenner is, the runner who won a gold medal in the decathlon in the 1976 Olympics when she was a man by the name of Bruce Jenner. Of course Caitlyn most likely wouldn’t be able to run the decathlon now, but imagine... (more »)
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