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Western Riding Is a Form of Equestrian, Too
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I’ve been riding horses since I was six. My mom signed me up through the local recreational center, and I went to a stable that was pretty close to where we lived. I learned Western, and I’ve stuck with it. I learned how to ride the... (more »)
Symptoms of Being a Writer
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We’re all writers. We’re all manipulating letters and words to do what? Tell a story? Inform the reader of an event? Sway the audience towards Clinton over Trump in the election? We’re all writers here. Some of us might enjoy old-school... (more »)
A Loser's Game
By , Chandler, AZ
There is no worse feeling than losing. Regardless of what you are doing in your life it is never fun to reflect on an experience and to think about how it cost you. Gambling is an excellent example of a something that sounds good on paper,... (more »)
A Very Important Lesson
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When I was very young I wanted to become a great soccer player in the future. To get good I went to soccer practice. At soccer practice, there were many soccer players who wanted to become like me so I needed to work very hard to be better than... (more »)
Talking Football for Dummies
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This one’s for the fellas looking to learn a thing or two.  Let’s be real guys, there’s only one thing worse than that whipped boyfriend who lets his girl come watch football every Sunday with the bros (you know who you are)-- it’s that... (more »)
Knicks and Lakers: Where Do They Go Now?
By , Lafayette Hill, PA
Two of the most notable basketball franchises, the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks, have each been an embarrassment for the past four years or so. With the departure of Phil Jackson, timing well with the end of Kobe Bryant’s prime,... (more »)
Should Athletes Make Millions of Dollars?
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Did you know that the Holland Bloorview hospital, the largest hospital in Canada, has an operating budget of 77,452,049? Seems like a lot right? Well, what would you think about if I told you that the highest paid athlete, one person, could pay... (more »)
The Houston Rocket's Problem
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It’s game two of the NBA playoffs in the series between the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors. After a missed field goal, a quick transition to offense occurs for the Warriors, it's a 3-2 break. Shaun Livingston, Harrison... (more »)
Sports Are More Helpful Than Harmful for Young...
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In today's world the percent of adolescents with obesity has increased rapidly over just a few years. How can we prevent this? Sports. Sports keep young people healthy, it teaches them many different beneficial traits, and it provides them... (more »)
Sport Relaxation
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 Many people underestimate the power sports have on people’s lives. I, personally am a water polo, volleyball and golf player. These sports have had major impacts on my life. I only recently began playing volleyball because a friend... (more »)
Should College Basketball Players Leave Early...
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Many basketball players across the nation dream of playing at the collegiate level, and some are blessed enough to have a chance to be drafted in the NBA. Most of these players are freshmen who believe that the best decision is to leave their... (more »)
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The Dangers of Online Gambling This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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If you’re a curious kid itching to try your luck at gambling, just open up your laptop. As long as you have a credit card, decent Wi-Fi, and the nerve to lie about your age to some sketchy website, logging into virtual casinos becomes... (more »)
Why Cheer Is a Sport
Cheerleading has a very stereotypical view for it. People think that they do nothing but scream and shout on the sidelines of high school sport games. Lots of people are annoyed by them and all they want to do is focus on the game. However,... (more »)
Arts in Education
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Students in schools are required to take classes that teach one how to pass a standardized test, such as math and science, but when will trigonometry or chemistry actually be helpful in a day to day life? Students need classes that teach... (more »)
Healthy Habits
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 The best way to live a healthy life is to eat healthy and do more active physical activities. Healthy eating and exercising has a big impact on your future success, remaining in a healthy body, and preventing obesity or overweight. Eating... (more »)
Is Lacrosse Better Than Other Sports?
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Lacrosse is the best sport on Earth. This sports growth triples in size each year. The game has been around for a very, very long time. It is also very easy to learn how to play this game. If this sport was given a chance to be aired on TV as... (more »)
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