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Should Teens Cook?
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Whether if was because your mom told you to or you wanted to whip up a new concoction, you’ve probably done some cooking before, or at least thought about it. In a world where school lunches and microwaveable products are dominating, many... (more »)
American Sports
By , Auburn, NY
The familiar sound of the “National Anthem” rings through the stadium before the start of the game. Once it’s over there is excitement amidst the crowd as their sporting event will soon begin. The smell of overly-priced... (more »)
Video Games Shouldn't Have to Bleed to be Fun
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This year, when my dad won a Super Bowl raffle for an Xbox One, it came with a new World War One-based battle game.  My brother set it up right away, and started to play. The graphics were impressive at first, but the more life-like they... (more »)
KBO Examines Ways to Prevent Match Fixing
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The Korea Baseball Organization league is one of the most popular sports leagues in Korea, judging by the more than 8 million spectators who attended games last year. Despite the sport’s popularity, it has suffered from its fair share of... (more »)
Money or Knowledge?
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College athletes should not be paid for their sport. Some colleges pay their student athletes to play in a specific sport. However, others feels that college athletes should not be paid. There are many reasons why. Students go to college... (more »)
In Defense of Fandom and the Pronoun “We”...
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In a world with multitudes of minds pondering professional sports, there is a special corner with a chosen few that are the self-appointed authorities on the parameters of fandom. This group likes to frame the optimum nature of sports fanaticism... (more »)
My View on the Current NBA
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I’m going to preface this writing by saying I’m biased on this subject- I’m a sore Cleveland Cavaliers fan, still moping over the 2017 NBA Finals loss. But I see lots of people talking about how the Golden State Warriors have... (more »)
Run With It
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I really like to run. I run everyday and some more if my body were to allow it. Somedays I don’t want to run, but I do it anyway to better myself. I really like the feeling of running; the sound of my shoes hitting the pavement in... (more »)
My Dream Is Too Expensive
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 (Currency in SGD) BABY STEPS When I first started my journey as a tiny little ballerina in 2005 (I was born in 2001), it is when my mother decided to bring me to a dance school to let me find out what my passion was and if I had any... (more »)
The 2017 NBA Finals
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The 2017 NBA Finals are poised to be one of the most exciting of all time as two of the best teams in NBA history will battle it out in a best of 7 game series. The Cleveland Cavaliers ended the season as the second best team in the eastern... (more »)
Three Days of Excitement
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Perhaps the most important event of the National Football League offseason is the NFL Draft. It is a three-day event in which all 32 teams have the chance to select players coming out of college to join their organizations. The draft is a... (more »)
2018 Super Bowl Champions
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The team that never fails to surprise, the team that always excites, and the team that is known as America’s team is the Dallas Cowboys. In the 2016-2017 season, the rookie sensations comprised of Offensive Rookie of the Year Winner, Dak... (more »)
Banishment of Football
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Football has been around since the year of 1869. It has grown to be the second most popular sport throughout the world, only behind soccer. Over the years the violence has increased, but at the same time there has been more and more protective... (more »)
Running Benefits the Body
By , reno, NV
There are many argument as to what running does to your body. One side says that running puts ware on the body and causes your joints to weaken and become more fragile. On the contrary, many people run not with the fear of being injured, but to... (more »)
Sewing Lives
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Molly says she’ll make the costumes for her group’s skit, because she loves sewing. But, then she arrives home and is informed her little brother, Tommy, has broken her sewing machine. Molly only knows how to sew on a machine, and... (more »)
How to be an Exceptional Teacher Aide
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Being a teacher aide, or a TA for short, hints at one's inner aptitude to contribute to the wellbeing of another. A student with sentinent is more surprising than an adult, because they are showing desire to appreciate what an education... (more »)
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