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Most Recent Sports / Hobbies Articles

Here are the most recent sports / hobbies articles:

Love for Baseball
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The crack of the bat, the pop of the glove, and the smell of spring in the air are the most wonderful features of the best time of year: baseball season.  It’s the time when the air begins to warm and the grass begins to green. ... (more »)
Love of Sports
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When I’m asked to name something that I love, one of the first thoughts that come to my mind are sports.  Every since I was born I enjoyed playing a football or basketball.  As a kid my time was spent outside playing every sports that I... (more »)
Likes and Favorites
By , Cedarburg, WI
For our new writing assignment I choose to do something very different in the sense of that it won’t be a traditional story, but a personal autobiography countdown list.  I hope these circumstances fit the rubric and that the reader... (more »)
For the Game of Volleyball
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“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Shoot!” the player yells. “Ahhh kill,” the team yells in unison.  Sweaty pat on the backs are exchanged throughout the quick six-person huddle.  Next play happens just about as quickly as the... (more »)
Futbol vs Football
By , Ventnor City, NJ
Futbol, or better known as soccer in America, is a sport of skill. Don't get me wrong I know football is a sport of skill as well, but lets look at the facts.   In soccer people do get injuries, but in football injuries are... (more »)
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Track is more than just running, it also takes passion.  I have set goals for myself and I haven’t stopped trying to reach them since my freshman year.  I have participated in other sports in hopes that they would help obtain my... (more »)
Sports as a Teaching Method
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High school sports has taught me so many valuable things I will never forget. Sports instilled dedication in me more than any other trait. There were times during my sporting events that training became very difficult. A couple of times I... (more »)
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Fishing is my favorite activity to do.  I find fishing relaxing and a good way to spend time.  Listening to the birds fly and seeing the calm water ripple is tranquility.   The sport is something people have done for many years.   I would... (more »)
Model United Nations
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Model United Nations is a school activity in which conferences are modeled after the real United Nations and students act as delegates from nations around the world. At conferences, delegates discuss, negotiate, and form resolutions to world... (more »)
More Than A Cookie Jar
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There are specific objects that leave me with a non-sensual and an unutterable feeling. I have a spark of excitement along with a cozy peace that comes and takes place in my heart, clearing every unnecessary stress and pressure. I just want to... (more »)
There's a Bridge!
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After 2 months far away from the pool, I realized a bridge between my joy, my life and swimming. Generally, swimming is my life and the bridge is built with joy and happiness. When I swim, all my stress seems to disappear, goes away with the... (more »)
For the Love of the Game
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Fresh cut grass, bright white lines, when the lights turn on so does the adrenaline.  For somebody who doesn’t love many things, this can be ecstasy.  Under the bright lights with a thousand fans cheering for or against you,... (more »)
Sports: Tool to Fitness
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Is there anything we know better than watching and cheering for those who play basketball? Most of us teenagers are fond of keeping an eye towards TV shows about sports events such as basketball and soccer or going out to the actual place of... (more »)
A Pen and Some Paper
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Just give me a pen and some paper. Don't forget the quiet. That peaceful silence where inspiration can whisper in one's ear and where my emotions can be set free away from the world’s prying eyes. Some people are mistaken though, in the way... (more »)
This I Believe
I strongly believe that hunting is needed in this world to keep the balance between human and animal. You may think to yourself, hunting is just killing defenseless animals that have no chance, but that’s where I disagree. As humans, we... (more »)
Call it a Sport
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 There is a huge controversy in high school sports that concerns many young women, and sometimes young men that label themselves as cheerleader. Should cheerleading be recognized as a sport or activity? Cheerleading is an activity, but can... (more »)
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