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Most Recent Sports / Hobbies Articles

Here are the most recent sports / hobbies articles:

At the Plate
Apparently, having thee most hits of all time in all of Major League Baseball (MLB) isn’t enough to have a chance at being inducted into the hall of fame. Pete Rose has been a topic that has been being discussed for years, but will he... (more »)
Shoeless Joe Jackson
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“I ain’t afraid to tell the world that it didn’t take school stuff to help a fella play ball” thats a quote from Shoeless Joe Jackson. Joe Jackson you may have recognised that name from a movie called “Field Of... (more »)
"Dude I'm getting jacked"....... Not really. Performance enhancing drugs or commenly known as PED’S have been on the rise in Sports where size, speed, and strength matter.  People in major league sports will do anything... (more »)
No More Friday Night Lights
“Football players with goals succeed because they know where they are going.”-Walter Payton. There are thousands of young boys and teenagers in the US who play football every year, and there are thousands being taken out of the... (more »)
Student Athlete Drug Testing
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Imagine this. One day, A girl let’s say her name is Susan. She comes to practice looking different. She has a deeper voice than normal and a faint outline of facial hair. The team comes to the conclusion after they see her being... (more »)
Safe Is an Understatement
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Is football safe? That was a question everyone was asking themselves in the first week of October in 2014. In that week, three high school football players collapsed and died on the field according to CNN reporter Marina Carver. Tom Cutinella,... (more »)
The Hobby that is a Sport
So you think horseback riding is not a sport? Do you believe there are no challenges to face because it is easy? Or do you think the horse does all the work? Horseback riding does not take skill? Well, you would be wrong. Horseback riding is... (more »)
Should College Athletes Be Paid?
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A few weekends ago, the final four of college basketball was going on; there were two winners in the final four, and they faced off in the championship game. Ultimately Duke won the championship game; fans all over the U.S will be watching the... (more »)
The Ugly face of the Youth Sports System Needs...
As the dangers of obesity have become more prevalent to Americans, we have consequently shifted to a more active way of living and healthier habits. This lifestyle has definitely translated to youth sports, as an estimated 45 million children... (more »)
Football Concussions
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Football is responsible for the highest number of concussions in the US, because of the number of people participating and the character of the sport. When a football player suffers a concussion during a game or practice it is serious business.... (more »)
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Your body naturally produces some steroids, to help you fight stress and grow bigger. But your body knows just the right amount that you need, so there's no need to take any extra. There's also a type of medicine called steroids that... (more »)
Legendary Anniversary
Astrodome the 8th wonder of the world celebrated its 50th anniversary. Many as 25,000 people came to celebrate and remember its amazing history. The Astrodome was home to 2 playoffs in the late 90’s, and had many events such as MLB, NFL, NCAA... (more »)
Are You in the Game?
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  After a player finishes a long successful career, he or she may decide to become a coach. Sports announcers, NBA fans and more say that some of the best players have become the best coaches. I have always wondered if this was an accurate... (more »)
9 Football
Both freshman A and B teams did very well this season. Freshman A won their first district game against Eisenhower, ending the game 14-0. Ninth Grade has not beat Eisenhower in approximately 10 years, until this year! They were also able to... (more »)
The Black Sox Scandal
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Imagine being a baseball player. You’re playing in the world series, you have the best hitting percentage on your team, and fielding percentage. Your team loses, and suddenly everybody starts calling you a scandal, and blaming the loss... (more »)
Gymnastics: A True Team Sport
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“C’mon!” “You got this!” “Stick it girl!” “Run hard!” Chants from my teammates are yelled everywhere as I perform my last vault at the Connecticut State Gymnastics Championships. My... (more »)
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