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Here are the most recent sports / hobbies articles:

Redemption for the San Francisco 49ers
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The Seahawks-49ers rivalry is known to be one of the best rivalries in the history of the National Football League. There is absolutely nothing that can separate these two football powerhouses apart. Just recently, the Seahawks won their 1st ever... (more »)
"Ball is Life"
As I walk into the gymnasium, the sound of the leathery basketball bouncing echoes throughout the whole place while people yell, grunt, and run around sweating. Beneath my Nike’s I feel the wooden floor and see how gloriously shined it is, ready... (more »)
Why an American Follows the Commonwealth Games
I am William. I am an American, always have been and always will be. And I follow the Commonwealth Games. From this year forward, I do, and I am not ashamed to say so. For one, it is a sporting competition. I really enjoy those. For... (more »)
"This is the Best World Cup of All Time"
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Said the sixteen year old. At the most optimistic, this sixteen year old's first World cup they saw would have been 2002, however at the age of around seven, they were probably not exactly the world's best football analyst. Therefore... (more »)
Texas Cools the Heat
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When we think of legendary NBA teams, the LA Lakers, Chicago Bulls, and Boston Celtics are the main ones that come to mind. After winning back-to-back titles, the Miami Heat could possibly be considered as “up there”. Surprisingly, this... (more »)
Make Room for the Sports in Need
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Soccer has the FIFA World Cup. Tennis has the majors. Golf has the majors. Football has the Super Bowl. Basketball has the NBA. These major sports all have established leagues for professionals and amateurs, so why do they have a spot in the... (more »)
World Cup
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This summer the number one sport is being watched on any media devices and is being held in the soccer-rich country, and that is the 2014 World Cup Brazil. With 32 different national teams playing for the World Cup champions title, the world is... (more »)
Respect the Refs
By , Seattle, WA
I yelled at a somewhat innocent man surrounded by rednecks in the goonies of Washington, and it was not satisfying. It was a state game, and our soccer team travelled out to the middle of nowhere. The green and yellow field was bumpy and hard,... (more »)
Should NFL Player be Fined Because of Shoes
Have you ever had trouble with the dress code? People can get fined for different reasons in the NFL. One way to get fined is by breaking the Uniform Violation rule. Brandon Marshall got fined because he was trying to support Mental Health... (more »)
pro athletes
Pro athletes Millionaire today bankrupt tomorrow is a seventy five percent chance. Pro athletes should not get paid so much because they think that they can do anything they want to and get away with it. But they can’t because they always get... (more »)
The Best in the NFL?
By , tucson, AZ
Even though they have lost the super bowl that does not mean they are not the best in the NFL because they Ranked 2nd in the WEST NFC division and scored 12-4 last season. The 49ers have won the super bowl out of the 6 times they have been there.... (more »)
personal truth
By , everosn, WA
Owing a car is a privilege, driving is awesome. “Life is like a highway” it keeps until it ends it doesn’t go one forever. You can drive in circles and get nowhere, or keep going straight to your destination. Detours will be along your way... (more »)
Thoroughbred Racing
By , Reno, NV
Are thoroughbreds raced too young? While some may say that racing two year old thoroughbreds is normal, two year olds are not mature enough for the tasks asked of them on the race track. Is it all about the glamour, the prestige, the fun hats,... (more »)
Cheerleading Is A Sport
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Have you ever tried holding someone either equivalent to your size or bigger? That's what cheerleaders have to do all the time and still people don’t consider it a sport! The actual definition of a sport is “an athletic activity requiring... (more »)
Baseball Editorial
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Baseball is a sport that teaches young kids teamwork. The players have to work together as a team in order to win the game. If one kid is unwilling to play as a member of the team the whole game could be lost. Therefore the kids want to win so... (more »)
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What I know about baseball is simple. I know how to throw the ball obviously. I know how to make plays on the field, or in my position 2nd base. I know how to hit and what goes into stepping on the plate to hit. When it comes to playing the sport... (more »)
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