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Most Recent Sports / Hobbies Articles

Here are the most recent sports / hobbies articles:

The Touch of Professional Athletes
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 In the Bleacher Report article, “Do Professional Athletes Get Paid Too Much Money?” by Mihir Bhagat, the author argues that the absurd amount of money that athletes get paid is unnecessary and not very well deserved. Bhagat... (more »)
a dream of a fighter
By , littelton, CO
have u ever had a dream? A dream of one day binng something someone? Thats how i fell till i found mma. mma is a fighing sportĀ it is a mix of jujusu myu tie and kick boxing.fighing is a vig partof my life its a dream no one els has a dream of... (more »)
The Basketball Effect
As the ball tips on to your teams side of the court, your anxiety reaches its apex. All the blood in your body initiates flowing at a fast rate as your head gets further into the game. The ball is in your hands and the game intensity has been... (more »)
The Struggle We Face (As Writers)
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I've loved writing ever since I was young. Reading everything from road signs to restaurant menus. All of it was just so fascinating! But now that I've entered the world of competitive writing- the kind where people want to get... (more »)
Why Soccer Is One of the Most Difficult Sports
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A kid named Gucci Mcmuffins went to school just like a normal day. He was wearing his favorite shirt, the barcelona jersey. He was in science class when this kid was asking him what was his favorite sport, he said soccer (futball). The kid that... (more »)
The Facts Behind Video Games
“Move left. Move left, now right!” You're dripping sweat, your palms are sweaty and your trembling with nervousness, like a boxer fresh out of the ring. As you, and your noob of a friend try and focus and overtake the level you... (more »)
Why I Read (A Lot)
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 I find that reading is an entertainment in itself; a fantastical vacation for the mind that surpassses soma*. Along with the pleasant fever that spreads through the brain, books can display superior technique in activating, actualizing,... (more »)
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My goal is to become a softball pro in the future. A few reasons why I want to be a  softball pro is because I'm good at the sport and you can get a lot of money it will help  you get somewhere in life ,its a good way to be fit... (more »)
Why I Compete
By , Portland, OR
I’m going to answer the question that I’m sure many athletes and even people who have never played a sport ask, “Why do I compete?” To that question there is a variety of answers. Perhaps I want to compete for the... (more »)
Work Hard, but Pay Hard?
It’s fourth and seven at the 45 yard line and there are 50 seconds on the clock of the NFC Championship game. The Seattle Seahawks are playing the Dallas Cowboys and the game is 27-21 with the Seahawks winning. The Seahawks are on defence... (more »)
Nothing is Truly Free: Why College Athletes...
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College athletes should be compensated for the use of their images, the fact that colleges make millions on their sports, and the sacrifice of their time. Currently, they have no legal way of making money. They have no time to get a regular... (more »)
The Ultimate Sport
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Tyson, 9 years old, wanted to play hockey like all the other boys in his class. His parents found him some second hand gear; it reeked like a dead skunk. In his first year of hockey, Tyson tried out for the AA team, unfortunately he got cut. All... (more »)
The Ultimate Team Player- Driven by Selfness...
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“There is no ‘I’ in team” is one of those famous quotes that every athlete has heard at least one, twice, or a billion times in their lifetime. Even though every athlete has this catchy phrase engraved in the back of... (more »)
Identify Your Individuality
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“You’re you. Play like you’re you, not like you’re somebody else. If you want to be the best, you can’t act like the best. You spend your whole life trying to match their playing; all you’ll be is an... (more »)
Sports Psychology
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 I can’t do this. The single inhibiting thought that keeps the body from achieving its full potential. The greatest motivator can also lead to an athlete’s greatest downfall. The brain’s ability to utterly halt and stop... (more »)
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According to the U.S. News, more than 7.6 million students played sports during the 2010-2011 school year, an increase of nearly 40,000 students compared to 2009-2010. I am an all-season sports player. I participate in football, wrestling,... (more »)
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