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Leadership in Sports
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I remember in middle school, when I went on a CEESA Middle School Football trip, we had a very hard time in our first game. We lost 5-1 and I thought we were going to lose all of our games. Our captain, Georg then proceeded to give me a pep... (more »)
An Olympic Sport
By , New Caslte, CO
Twister. The sport labeled as a “board game.” They are wrong. Twister is perfectly balanced between testing you mentally and physically. Twister demands all of your flexibility form its players and lots of mental strength. This sport needs... (more »)
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Hunting is very important in this world. It does lots of things for us, but here our just a few examples. It gets us food on our tables, it comes in handy in times when you need it most, and it is also very fun, and sometimes it is very... (more »)
Professional Sports College Requirement
By , Cannon Falls, MN
What do Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Babe Ruth, Wayne Gretzky and Muhammad Ali all have in common? Yes, they are all known as the best at what they do, but not a single one of them ever attended college. Although all athletes are very successful... (more »)
How the Houston Rockets Can Beat the Warriors...
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At the time that I am writing this, it is Saturday night and the Warriors-Rockets 2018 Western Conference Finals series is ties at 1 a piece. As an avid Rockets fan, and someone who likes to share their opinion, I am going to go through what I... (more »)
Real Madrid vs Liverpool Prediction
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 On May 26, the two best soccer teams in Europe will face each other at Kiev, for the most wanted trophy by clubs, the Champions League Trophy. Champions League finals is the most watched soccer game in the world, and no one will want to... (more »)
Sports in Highschool
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High school would not even be close to the same without sports. Sports are an essential part of school. Sports are a significant part of high school life in various ways. One specific reason to keep sports in high school is for kids to meet new... (more »)
Go Team!
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Competitive sports allow kids time to relax, socialize, exercise, and forget about that one hard math problem. Although some parents think traveling sports is a hassle of driving in and out of town for games, but those games allow a child to... (more »)
Are Pro Athletes Paid Too Much?
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 Pro athletes are the considerable best in there sport. I’m going to talk about the Kirk Cousins and his massive deal with the “Vikings”.Kirk Cousins signed a three year 27 million dollar deal.For a Quarterback that has... (more »)
Esports in the Olympics
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What are esports? Well the basic definition is a multiplayer video game played professionally for money. The largest esports are games like League of Legends by Riot Games, Overwatch by Activision Blizzard and two valve titles Counter Strike:... (more »)
Competitive Sports: Essential for Children
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Billie Jean King once said, “Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose- it teaches you about life.” The experiences gained and lessons learned... (more »)
Ballet: An Art that Transcends Time,...
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I was in love for ten years. The kind of love that makes you lose track of all time, that makes you feel as if you’re in a dream. A love that grows inside you, a passion, the biggest piece of yourself. My love was sore muscles,... (more »)
My Opinion on the Safety of Baseball Fans at Games
By , Commack, NY
This season, the MLB announced that all MLB stadiums must extend the protective netting around the foul are of the field starting in the 2018 season. This was placed because of many injuries that have occurred to fans for the past couple of... (more »)
How the 3-Point Shot Has Revolutionized the NBA
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In basketball, when trying to defend a game-winning shot, the defense’s priority is to not let the offense get a shot up. However, if the offense is going to chuck up a shot 37 feet away from the basket, 13 feet behind the NBA 3 point... (more »)
Professional Athletes Are Not Overpaid
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We’ve all heard about Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, or Babe Ruth. No matter what we do, we can’t escape sports because they are ubiquitous. The Superbowl, the most televised event in of all America, has become an American tradition... (more »)
Should eSports be Considered an Olympic Sport?
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According to Newzoo, the leading provider of market intelligence of eSports, “‘eSports is the biggest thing to hit the tech industry since the iPhone in 2007’” (Young). Ever since I first played video games I... (more »)
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