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Here are the most recent sports / hobbies articles:

Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn't...
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Effort. The Oxford dictionary states it as the physical or mental energy that you need to do something. I believe that it is more than that. It is the burning desire that you have within you to change something. It is what you are willing to... (more »)
Celtics: Early Season Misery
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The Boston Celtics. The underdogs. The overcomers. True warriors, that bleed green and never give up. An okay team to many around the league, but why have sports fans completely stopped believing in the celtics? Is it just because...there just... (more »)
To People Who Think WWE Is Fake
By , New City, NY
Dear people who think that WWE isn't good just because it is scripted and for those who say nobody watches it. I have some bad news for you people, it is one of the most liked pages on all of social media, and each Monday it beats ever... (more »)
I Hate You I Love You...
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A spiraling football penetrates the cobalt blue sky, whizzing through the calm spring air like a bullet. As your eyes follow the trajectory of the ball, you witness a diving catch, which triggers the joyous shouts of the team. This is the... (more »)
The Truth
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Here we are, almost thirty years after the accident, and just now figuring out the truth. The truth, of what happened at Hillsborough. The day was set, April 15, 1989. The FA Cup semi-final set for Liverpool and Nottingham Forest to take battle... (more »)
It's How Badly You Want It
By , Amery, WI
“From the top! And 5, 6, 7, 8...” The blood, sweat, tears, and more importantly, the passion in the beautiful actions that tells a story through cords and movements.   Deep breaths of exhaustion   among the group... (more »)
Why Teens Should Play Sports
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“Children can acquire important life lessons from [competitive] activities… such as, bouncing back from a loss.” I believe that competitive sports help develop exceptional character in youth. A big problem our... (more »)
Classification of Football Positions
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Classification of Football Postions Specialists (kickers snappers punters) Trench fighters (lines) Fast glory hogs (receivers/ DB) Hybrids (linebackers, running backs and tight ends) Thinkers (QB and safety's) Watching and... (more »)
I Believe In Football
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I believe in football. The bright lights and wet grass on Friday nights,  the work you put in, and the brotherhood you are apart of, for the love of the game. Sure there are always sports people enjoy more than others, but after your high... (more »)
Cold Day
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 Last  year  in  november  the  varsity  football  team  went  to  the semifinals  and  it  had  to  of  been  below  0. 4th quarter  2:00... (more »)
Teen Ink Submission
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I am the king of basketball. Surpassing the legends like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, every single one. No one can guard me, I can break anyone’s ankles with just one crossover, then step back behind the 3 point line, and make it splash.... (more »)
Dance Is Not a Sport
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“Dance is not a sport” Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you didn’t warm up or stretch before a big game? Dancers do for sure with performing. You could certainly get severely hurt if you didn’t prepare... (more »)
By , Independence, MO
Should we really induct MLB players into the HOF (Hall of Fame) that cheated? No we shouldn’t do that. Inducting MLB players into the the pro baseball HOF or even their teams’ HOF that cheated shows the younger players (the minor... (more »)
NFL Hits and Rules
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September 8th 2016 the denver broncos and carolina panthers faced off for the first game of the 2016-2017 season during the game two defensive bronco players had head  shots on the running quarterback of carolina a few days after those... (more »)
Video Games Are Sports
By , Independence, MO
Too many people think of sports as football or soccer,  but what about video games the E-Sport? Video games are sports because it has been recognized by the US, and other countries as a sport and there are professional teams and they are... (more »)
shold youtubing be consederd as a full time job
By , Kansans city, MO
I think youtubing should be considered to be a job. Because you get payed as a youtuber and you get payed if you work as a shop clerk or a teacher or something like that. Yes but youtubing is not as hard as a normal job like being a teacher... (more »)
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