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Most Recent Sports / Hobbies Articles

Here are the most recent sports / hobbies articles:

Football Fiels
Trotting down to the field after an extensive day of school, we are thinking about the game ahead of us. I spend 8 months preparing for the short amount of time that I get to compete. I feel on top of the world when I step foot on the football... (more »)
Should Athletes Take Gym Class?
I agree for many reasons. The article said that instead of an athlete taking a gym class they could be getting an extra credit for an elective. The article also said that a athlete could get injured while on a gym activists and may end they... (more »)
Michael Sam: The Controversy
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Michael Sam is the first openly gay player in the NFL and one of the most talked about athletes in the world of sports. The fact that Sam was an amazing player in college but only got drafted 249th out of 250 is a little absurd. Sam was the... (more »)
Notre Dame Michigan
By , Bremen, IN
Is this game a big rival to you?     On Saturday, September 6, Notre Dame played Michigan. It was the last game in the rival that has been going on for a long time. People didn’t know who would win, but people in South Bend wanted Notre... (more »)
Athletes In Physical Education?
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What I think about athletes having to perform in gym is this. Athletes should have to do all the things that non-athletes do when it comes to school. What I think would happen is that social groups will form and bullying will occur based on... (more »)
My Uniform
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Blue and Silver. Columbine in bold letters across the top. Number seven printed largely on the front and back. Blue spandex. White Socks. My volleyball uniform. It may be an outfit to you but to me it's a symbol that I'm a part of something... (more »)
Egos Made By Us
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In most movies, football players are seen as the egotistical, king of the social ladder douche bags. But they were not imprinted with that personality as soon as they touched the football for the first time. No. It’s because of us. Last... (more »)
Weight Room Reps
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“People say that losing weight is no walk in the park. When I hear that I think, yeah, that's the problem.” It takes somebody who is clearly lacking in common sense and normality to want to go to the weight room and punish their... (more »)
When You Write
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Something sparks inside me when I pick up my pencil, like a click of a switch, and feeds me power. The words dripping from my page are unique, vivid, tempting and hipnotic. When I write I'm taken from reality, I'm devoured and stuck in... (more »)
Athletes Don’t Need PE This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
Physical education is a class that is enjoyed by some, but dreaded by many. While the majority of the country is cutting back on PE classes, Chicago Public Schools have made an effort to add more. The extra time in PE is considered necessary in... (more »)
Comparing Players
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What’s the deal with comparing famous athletes? Comparing athletes such as Messi and Ronaldo, Ovechkin and Crosby, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, or maybe even Lebron James and Micheal Jordan. All of these athletes are amazingly gifted and... (more »)
Redemption for the San Francisco 49ers
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The Seahawks-49ers rivalry is known to be one of the best rivalries in the history of the National Football League. There is absolutely nothing that can separate these two football powerhouses apart. Just recently, the Seahawks won their 1st ever... (more »)
"Ball is Life"
As I walk into the gymnasium, the sound of the leathery basketball bouncing echoes throughout the whole place while people yell, grunt, and run around sweating. Beneath my Nike’s I feel the wooden floor and see how gloriously shined it is, ready... (more »)
Why an American Follows the Commonwealth Games
I am William. I am an American, always have been and always will be. And I follow the Commonwealth Games. From this year forward, I do, and I am not ashamed to say so. For one, it is a sporting competition. I really enjoy those. For... (more »)
"This is the Best World Cup of All Time"
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Said the sixteen year old. At the most optimistic, this sixteen year old's first World cup they saw would have been 2002, however at the age of around seven, they were probably not exactly the world's best football analyst. Therefore... (more »)
Texas Cools the Heat
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When we think of legendary NBA teams, the LA Lakers, Chicago Bulls, and Boston Celtics are the main ones that come to mind. After winning back-to-back titles, the Miami Heat could possibly be considered as “up there”. Surprisingly, this... (more »)
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