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Here are the most recent sports / hobbies articles:

I Can Do Hard Things
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People these days are whimps. They whine and complain their days away just to make things easier. But why would you want it to be easier? People were made to do hard things. The only way we can become stronger is by doing hard things. But also... (more »)
Professional Sports... And What's Ruining...
Something has to be done about professional sports, what h?appened t?o them. They used to be fun to watch as a fan, but now, with all the problems, there is no enjoyment in watching professional sports as a fan. One of the biggest problems in... (more »)
The Heisman Trophy: Character or Capability? This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This work has won the Teen Ink contest in its category.
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The Heisman Trophy is the epitome of all sports accolades. Every football fan dreams of hoisting this 25-pound bronze trophy overhead at the end of a record-setting season. The Trophy is awarded each year to an outstanding player in college... (more »)
NFL Draft
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From April 30th to May 2nd, the lives of 256 gifted individuals will change forever. For these lucky young men, their childhood dreams will be realized and an opportunity to compete at the highest level that their sport offers will be at their... (more »)
Tom Brady*
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This past February, the New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 49. This was the 5th victory for the franchise with Bill Belichick as the coach and Tom Brady playing quarterback. However, the win did not come without... (more »)
Fighting for a Cure
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In life, there are many things that a person never wants to hear. One of the biggest fears someone can have is hearing the dreadful three words, the three words that turn people’s lives upside down, the three words that can kill:... (more »)
Should College Athletes Be Paid?
Over the past couple years college sports have become more and more prevalent in society because they are easier to go to than pro games and they can be found on the television. With its unique excitement, competitiveness and growing... (more »)
Argumentative Essay
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Mixed Martial Arts is known to many as a very bloody, barbaric, and uncivilized sport. John McCain has recently been quoted calling it “Human Cockfighting.”(Stossel, Canning 1) However, why hasn’t boxing received this kind of... (more »)
Is Golf a Sport?
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My freshman year I started playing golf, I had never played before except for mini-golf, and I thought to myself how hard could it be. It turns out it is rather difficult, after two years of practicing and playing I still have a lot of room of... (more »)
Ball is Life
By , eastvale, CA
Most basketball players use the phraes "Ball is Life". Now i want to know why is ball life. In my eyes they dont even go to the gym to work out or work on your skills daily staying on top of the game. I'm asking why is ball life. To me ball is... (more »)
Why Kids Should Wait To Play Tackle Football
I believe that kids under the age of 15 should not play competitive tackle football. This is an important issue because too many kids are getting hurt as a result of tackle football. The facts that football is the sport with the most... (more »)
At the Plate
Apparently, having thee most hits of all time in all of Major League Baseball (MLB) isn’t enough to have a chance at being inducted into the hall of fame. Pete Rose has been a topic that has been being discussed for years, but will he... (more »)
Shoeless Joe Jackson
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“I ain’t afraid to tell the world that it didn’t take school stuff to help a fella play ball” thats a quote from Shoeless Joe Jackson. Joe Jackson you may have recognised that name from a movie called “Field Of... (more »)
"Dude I'm getting jacked"....... Not really. Performance enhancing drugs or commenly known as PED’S have been on the rise in Sports where size, speed, and strength matter.  People in major league sports will do anything... (more »)
No More Friday Night Lights
“Football players with goals succeed because they know where they are going.”-Walter Payton. There are thousands of young boys and teenagers in the US who play football every year, and there are thousands being taken out of the... (more »)
Student Athlete Drug Testing
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Imagine this. One day, A girl let’s say her name is Susan. She comes to practice looking different. She has a deeper voice than normal and a faint outline of facial hair. The team comes to the conclusion after they see her being... (more »)
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