My Opinion on the Safety of Baseball Fans at Games

April 30, 2018
By Anonymous

This season, the MLB announced that all MLB stadiums must extend the protective netting around the foul are of the field starting in the 2018 season. This was placed because of many injuries that have occurred to fans for the past couple of years. Players today hit the ball on average around 90 to 100 mph. This gives you little time to react if a player hits a line drive right at you. Many people have gotten hit by balls and have been brutally injured by the impact. To lower or diminish the amount of injuries that occur to fans, the MLB put this rule in place. I believe that this is the best thing the MLB could do to prevent this. This allows fans to be able to get up close to the game, but at the same time you know that you are safe getting up close. 

There are many examples that show that this was needed. I have seen many videos about adults and even kids getting hit by a ball and having to be taken away in an ambulance. One time I was at a Yankee game and during the middle of an at-bat, a player fouled a line drive off his bat into the stands and the ball hit a woman in the face, who was on her phone when this all happened. She had to be taken away by the stadium's medical officials and I hope that nothing serious happened to her. This just shows that not paying attention to the game can be dangerous. Maybe she wouldn’t have had gotten hit by the ball if she wasn’t on her phone and paying attention to the game.

After many of these incidents occurring, I think that the MLB made the right decision to extend the protective netting at all stadiums, and I think other sports should consider finding a way to protect all the fans at the games because after all, attending a game is supposed to be fun. We should not worry about getting hurt, so I think that sports should follow the MLB and make their fans safer at games.

The author's comments:

i am a big baseball fan and after experiencing a person getting hurt at a game, i thought that this would be something interesting to write about.

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