Do Professional Athletes Get Paid Too Much ?

March 22, 2018
By kaitlinmckay11 BRONZE, Gaston, South Carolina
kaitlinmckay11 BRONZE, Gaston, South Carolina
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Are athletes being paid too much? if not how are there high payments justified,and how could there money be put to better use?

To most people one million dollars is a lot of money, to most people one thousand dollars is a lot, but even though it is hard to believe, to some people these amounts of money mean nothing. professional athletes,particularly those who play soccer, golf, and race  cars make too much money.Last year tiger woods made 87 million dollars, that’s a lot more than what George Bush makes a year and he is one of the most  powerful people in the world.

The average NBA career lasts 6.2 years and that's half for the NFL. Injuries are also a big part in sports, but for players of contract sports such as Rugby and Australian Rules Football they can ruin careers.It's not only the injuries themselves that affects the money the players earn, but the pain from the injuries, the players pushing themselves physically or just the hits and tackles that cause pain during and after the games.

usually, even without trying an athlete becomes a role model for young people, this is because they are fit, focused and famous.
Simply by being famous your life becomes limited, you cannot be like “normal people”. because you are always being looked at or judged or written about. For tiger this was the case ever since he could remember because at the age of two he was on TV because of his golfing talents. Being in his position means a normal personal family problem turns into media information.

To be one of the best in the world at any sport there will need to be choices in the way you eat, drink and just live. Such as no alcohol or drugs, no going out at night and less time to spend with family and friends
Not only do they work during their particular season, they also work in the off season. Most professional athletes train on their own to become better. They also attend mini camps.
They make more money than a  brain surgreon does, doctors, police life saving jobs , teachers witch are more of a role model than an athelte should because teachers only make $55,000 a year,poliemen making $60,270 a year, a brain surgreon makes $204,950 a year, and a firefighter only makes $46,870 a year. And the only thing a athlete does is kick, throw, run and entertain.

Most of the money comes from the fans. With fans spending there money on merchandise,food,tickets,and clothing. The atheltes wouldnt make nearly as mutch money if they didnt have fans or games.

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