Softball VS Baseball

February 26, 2018
By Katielynnekearns SILVER, Stockton, Kansas
Katielynnekearns SILVER, Stockton, Kansas
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In a world full of Softball and Baseball fans there is bound to be a lot of arguments about which is harder. Softball is kind of like Baseball in a way. We have some of the same rules, some of the same concepts, and we both have the same positions. In reality, the biggest question out there is which is harder? Some people say softball, because they have a bigger ball or because of the underhand pitch, while others say Baseball because they have a smaller ball. In 2004 Jennie Finch proved them all wrong.
The first thing we think’s important is pitching, without the pitcher, the game wouldn’t be able to be played. The basic pitch that’s played in every game from kids games to professional games would be the slow pitch which is the opposite of fast pitch. In Stockton's’ softball team for the Junior High we use the Drop ball pitch. The fast pitch is when it happens faster than the slow pitch.  The Rise ball is pitched in a tight rotation, like a football spiraling in the sky. The low rise is a pitch that is lower than normal in the strike zone.
We use Rise balls with smaller hitters.A Rise ball ends up standing upright.A drop ball is for the bigger hitters.They often end up bent.
When learning to pitch you need to find your comfortable stance.There is really not a correct way to hold a softball so you need to find a way you’re comfortable with.
When practicing the term of 100 pitches a day, for 100 days can help you a lot to get better. You can practice in a windmill ,which you start by kneeling on one of your knees and move  your arm in the way you pitch and release at the hip. Another, way to warm up or practice is the wrist snap at a two ft. distance where you just snap your wrist at your hip.
Scientifically proven that softball is harder than baseball
Softball and Baseball
The baseball mound is 60 feet and 6 inches from home plate while, the softball mound is 43 feet from home plate. Although, the  softball mound is closer to home plate it can be harder to hit, and can hurt when it hits you, in fact, can you imagine a softball being hurled from 43 feet away at 65 miles an hour. A softball is bigger,so it won’t dip or dart as much on it’s way to the plate.
A softball pitchers’ biggest advantage is the riseball which baseball pitchers don’t have. Some people may think a Curveball (baseball) and a Rise Ball (softball) are the same thing but, a  Curveball dives downward on its’ way to the plate and is lower on the strike zone while, a Rise ball rises on its’ way to the plate and is higher on the strike zone.
Jennie Finch's’ point
“You throw like a girl” was a common insult that boys of all ages used often. Well not anymore. Jennie Finch an all star pitcher made it crystal clear to everyone it’s more than okay to throw like a girl ,in fact, she made it clear that it’s okay to throw, hit, field, and run like a girl. She's’ done the impossible. She’s showed the boys it’s okay to be one of the girls.
She was on the sports science show on episode seven.Where they had a radar detector. When the baseball pitcher pitched it, it wobbled and told the speed of how fast it was. When Jennie pitched it it shattered.
. George Hancock was the inventor of softball
.The fastest pitch thrown was 104 mph  by Eddie Feigner - Fastest baseball pitch was 105 h thrown by Aroldis Chapman
.The run averages are lower in softball than in baseball while softball strikeout rates are higher  than baseballs rates
.In 1889 was the first rules for softball
.The slow pitch and the fast pitch was the two types of softball pitches
.At Arizona State, Baseball has 10 to 12 pitchers while softball has only 3 pitchers

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