Martial Arts

February 14, 2018
By Anonymous

Martial arts is not just a sport it is a lifestyle it is something you can live by every single day it teaches you self-defense and also discipline. Some people do it for a sport because it is what they love to do. I look up to a lot of martial artists such as Conor Mcgregor and Bruce Lee they drive me to do the sport.

I like the competition it shows who is best at the sport and it shows respect between you and your opponent I think it is a lifestyle because it teaches you respect and lots of life lessons people who like to get up and train every day the sport does not about do you want to do the training and weight cutting its about do you want to be a fighter if you want to be a fighter you will overcome all of these things.

That is another thing I love about martial arts it teaches you how to overcome things that are hard and it’s not just for fighting but with anything in life with any job you do you don’t always have to do fighting if you're doing martial arts it helps with life. I don’t think it is about violence because if you watch most of the fights between martial artists after the fight they show respect towards each other and shake hands but some fights can go out of hand.

Some fighters are different than others. I just think people should check into I think some would like it and some would not but maybe they could even get their kids into it teaches you how to master things at life it is one of the best things you can do for your child in my own personal opinion.

Sports don’t you just love the adrenaline rush you get when you play sports you get the fear of losing but you want to win?

Have you ever wondered why your adrenaline kicks in and you feel hyped up and having everlasting energy as it seems like well your blood pressure rises and it releases adrenaline that is why you feel that way?

When you're in a football game, and your getting hurt and you don't feel it that is because of adrenaline
People play sports because it is something they love to do they want to win at it.

Have you wondered why people even play sports? Well, it is because they have fun interacting with others while doing something they like they also play sports for enjoyment even pros play because they like the enjoyment it brings them.

The reason I play sports is the same thing I think if you ask any other person that plays sports I think they will tell you the same exact thing but I think also some people go pass enjoyment it starts to be a daily job for them.It becomes their whole life and they start to make money off of it.

Some pros even say it's not just a sport it's an art form or a lifestyle.I look up to people like that because someday I do want a professional athlete and I have a lot of great athletes that inspire me to do so.Just hard work and dedication and you can do anything you set your mind to do.

Have you had some personal experiences of what it feels like to play sports that you love and sports that you are obsessed with? I have had some like basketball I love basketball it something I like to I could practice it every single day but unlike football that it something I couldn't do indeed football practice when I played I hated it.
That is just some of my thoughts and facts I have on sports that I liked to touch if you want to be a professional sports athlete that is some of the things you need to think about do you want that sport to be an everyday thing in your life? Do you want to that sport to take over your life? Do you want to be dedicated to that sport? If you want it that bad you will.

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