Playstation Is Better

February 8, 2018
By Anonymous

Dear Xbox gamers,

Video games are proven best inventions in the world. The consoles that run the games reflect on the buyers intellectual level. For example, any gamer who invests money into an Xbox has an IQ equal to a fly. Is it not simple logic to go with something cheaper, far efficient, and better?

The Xbox One X is priced at roughly $500, and a crappy Dell Netbook runs for about $100. Why buy something 5x more expensive when it can do pretty much the same exact thing? When you buy a Ps4, your definition of quality, speed, and logic are blown away in amazement. The console can never stop pleasing you when you fire it up and start gaming. Now you’re educated on the physical and technical stuff, but what about the people, games, and environments of the two consoles?

Imagine playing Overwatch on an Xbox and all you hear are a bunch of boneheads yapping at each other. You would get annoyed at some point right? So you leave the game and start up Lego Ninjago because that’s one of the best games compared to any other Xbox games. All you hear are some more squeaky-voiced non-pubescent kids singing with each other. Then you’ve had enough. You run to gamestop with bloody ears, whip out $400 and buy a beautiful Ps4 Pro.

You arrive at home with tears of joy. You quickly set up your new console and you turn it on for the first time. The system whirs to life and a new world of technology is unleashed upon you. Every game you play, your mature, cooperative teammates are there to back you up. The controller, console, and software are far more suitable and advantageous.

The battle between Xbox and Ps is like a jet racing a scooter. Gamers these days need to open their eyes to the truth;Playstation is superior. Millions of dollars are pumped into buying Microsoft’s gaming products each year, only to be unsatisfied with the result. Don’t be like the minority, join the majority by grabbing yourself a Playstation.

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