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A Letter to a Book

February 7, 2018
By messisupporter BRONZE, South Point, Ohio
messisupporter BRONZE, South Point, Ohio
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Dearest Book,


In cannot express my utter happiness and gratitude for you existence. You manage to keep me grounded at my most anxious moments, you offer me comfort when I am disgusted with reality, you unlock my imagination, you enhance my education, you teach me morals and help me learn from past mistakes, but most importantly you are my inspiration, motivation, and dedication. With that being said, you often drive me to insanity. You steal my attention with your hypnotizing words, you raise my hopes only to throw my favorite character into a ditch, you increase my father's impatience with me, and unfortunatly you steal my heart. Because of this, you are my closest companion.


Avid Reader

The author's comments:

For my love of books!

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