Messi Is the Best Soccer Player in the World

January 23, 2018
By Anonymous

Has someone ever asked you, “Who is the best soccer player in the world?” If someone ever asks you this, you are always going to get into an argument but only one player is the best. A lot of people have different opinions but those are just opinions, numbers prove Messi is better than Cristiano. There is no doubt that these two soccer players have something different from everyone else, they are great players but have you asked yourself who is better? Messi has a total of 584 goals,51 trophies and 235 assists in 721 games and Cristiano has a total of 616 goal,48 trophies and 200 assists in 876 games. If you look at these numbers, Messi is better than Cristiano at everything and he has played less games.


When you look the number of goals both of these players have, Messi is the best. He has 584 goals in 721 games, that means he scores 0.80 goals per game. Cristiano has 616 goals in 876 games, that means he scores 0.70 goals per game. Yes, Cristiano has more goals in total but he has played more games than Messi. Messi just needs 32 more goals to tie Cristiano and there is a difference of 155 games, that means Messi is more effective at scoring. Goals are not the only reason to be the best, you have to look at multiple things trophies, assists and leadership.

Cristiano Ronaldo won everything individually and team wise last year. When you look at numbers of trophies they have, there is only one that is best and that is Messi. He has 51 trophies individually and team wise, Cristiano has 48 trophies individually and team wise. They are really close to each other but Messi has more team trophies and Cristiano individual trophies. This evidence proves that Messi is a unselfish person and he wants to help his team. This paragraph talks about trophies but there is something very important in soccer, that we are going to talk about in the next paragraph and that is call the assists.

To be the best you need a team and Messi knows that. When Messi won the Ballon D'or he said “I wouldn’t be able to win this trophy by myself.” He has given a total of 235 assists in 721 games. Cristiano has a total of 200 assists in 876 games. Cristiano has played more games but Messi has more assists. This evidence proves that Messi cares about his team and teammates every time. Instead of Cristiano he just looks for goals and individual trophies, he proved this when he said “There is not a better soccer player than me in the world, I am the best soccer player that could have ever existed.”

Messi is the best soccer player in the world. People like to compare these two great soccer players but they shouldn’t, they should enjoy how they play. Cristiano and Messi are the best two soccer players in the world and no one is going to be better than these two great players. They have the best numbers in soccer history, they have beating almost every record. When they are done with their careers, we are going to miss them. We should be thankful for having this two great soccer players in our decade. The number of goals, trophies and assists shows that Messi is the best soccer player in the world. Messi also helped Neymar Jr when he was in Barcelona, now Neymar is one of the only players that can reach Cristiano and Messi’s ability in the field. Messi is the best soccer player that has ever existed and there is not doubt about that. Messi is from another world, he does things that no else can do.

The author's comments:

I'm a soccer player and i have seen a lot of proffesionals play Ronaldinho,Ronaldo,Kaka,etc. All of this players are legens but Messi is from another world. I can say Messi is a dog when a dog likes something, a dog doesnt know about anything, a dog just knows he wants that thing is like Messi, Messi doesn't know about soccer rules he just goes for the ball.

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