Why video games are good for you

November 10, 2017
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  There are a lot of arguments about how video games are bad for you. Parents are the ones who are targeting videogames as a way of damaging people’s lives . A lot of studies state that video games can be used for exercise, stress relief, hand eye coordination, etc.      They can also help you with things that you use everyday, like your memory, focus, speed, and creativity. These benefits can help gamers in a lot of ways for their health and intelligence.

  Playing video games can benefit on your coordination physically and mentally. Some research states that “doctors have told parents to allow their children to play video games to reduce their focus “ (Eugenio). There is improvement in coordination because when playing video games you  will need to coordinate your visual and physical movement.

  A player’s problem solving skills can improve too. In most videogames the player has to go through some challenges to move on to the next levels. Those problems require fast decision making and careful thinking. Video Games can enhance memory,because a player has to memorise specific commands to play the game and it can improve their memory.

  There are many cognitive skills you can learn from gaming such as quick thinking or processing information quickly and the skill to think about a number of things. In shooting games, the character may be running and shooting at the same time, that allows to do more than one thing at a time. Studies have shown that gamers can make decisions 25% faster than others.

Another benefit from videogames is creativity. Games like Minecraft,which is a game where you use blocks to build whatever you want, can help with creativity and thinking. Video Games teach gamers some essential skills like strategic thinking, innovative thinking and cooperation. They also give people investigative skills. Some games can also help on the educational value.

  “Many modern education institutions incorporate video games as a teaching methodology. This helps these children improve their academic skills by providing video games that are specifically aimed at enhancing their cognitive and creative skills” (Eugenio). When gaming, the brain receives visual and audial simulations. Through this gamers are able to process these simulations faster than others.

  Playing too much of video games can cause damage, but playing them the right way can benefit in a lot of ways. Video games can have an improvement in your coordination, memory, focus, and speed. Problem solving can improve while going through the challenges of the game. Doing multiple things at a time can have an improvement on quick thinking. Playing games like Minecraft can help children with their creativity and thinking. Video games can have benefits on people and they can be really helpful.

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OMG, I have never read such a great essay, I love it!!
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