Why dogs are better then cats

November 8, 2017
By Anonymous

Why Dogs are better then cats. 

Dogs are better than cats because they don’t have to have litter boxes and they don’t carry around a smell also they are more affordable and dogs help people in the military and people who are disabled do you know a cat that does that, and if you have kids it can help kids that are Autistic it can make them more social with the outdoors. Be size they can protect you and if you want to train a dog it is much easier then training a cat That’s why dogs are better than cats.

The spruce.com Jenna Stregowski says that dogs are better than cats because Even cat lovers probably don't love their litter boxes. No matter how well you keep up with them, there's always a lingering smell. The litter tracks all over the house. It's almost impossible to find a good place to put the litter box in a small house. Scooping the stuff is stinky and dusty.
Dogs don't need litter boxes. They can house train and most can stick to a schedule. They can use the yard or do their business during walks. You only have to pick up the poop, not the urine the way you have to do with litter boxes. And as for the poop, you can simply use poop bags on walks and a poop scooper in the yard. Cleaning up poop may not be fun, but many think it's the lesser of two necessary evils — and it happens outside, not inside your home.

Do you like to play sports and like to have fun with pets then get a dog because they can play catch and play freeze bee and I don’t think cats can do that because they are not like dog’s cats are more lazy then dogs because I don’t see cats playing catch and walking be size in side walking so get a dog and it well go very well with your life style you don’t have to be athletic to have a dog. 

Conclusion: Dogs are better than cats because they are better to take care of inside and outdoors they can help everybody Adults and kids and the disabled in many different ways dogs can help out and protect anybody that you want them to protect if you have kids that are autistic get a dog now it can help them thats what they want and can help them out. and thats why dogs are better than cats.

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