Falling from Arts

November 6, 2017
By EXYZeng BRONZE, Mason, Ohio
EXYZeng BRONZE, Mason, Ohio
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Much of the world the human race has created is based off on the rules of art. Therefore, if we abandon this talent of ours now, then the cultural, individual, and natural differences will not be shown. Arts, as will be stated, is the build up of many modern societies and cultures that if we do not provide a significant amount of funding, then it’d prove fatal to both the government and us as a common people. The arts is what brightens the world with colors and lets us understand the sciences easier. So, the arts should be supported by people more.

More people will care more about the physical appearance instead of the energy that pushes color from our hearts, culture. Entertainment that pushes inspiration out from us will soon be lost. This inspiration gives us the motivation to evaluate math and science in the first place. Without supporting the arts consequences will arise. The comedy we love and the jokes we pass on will disappear because people are discouraged and afraid to go down that career path. The music we produce as daily musicians will be burnt from the establishment in our minds, and the popular idols that pump inspiring rhythms will run out of the support they deserve. No one will be able to go to the movies anymore because movies are an artform themselves. No one will be encouraged to create movies too. According to the Katy Fine Arts Department “Study in the arts is integral to our society. They are a part of the cultural heritage of every American. The arts are what make us most human, most complete as people. The arts cannot be learned through occasional or random exposure any more than math or science can.”. As stated, art is what completes us as human and as a society of people. Arts help us relate to each other through ways that math and science are unable to. “Our economy is measured in numbers and statistics, and it’s very important. But the enduring worth of our nation lies in our shared values and our soaring spirit. So instead of cutting back on our modest effort to support the arts and humanity, I believe we should stand by them and challenge our artists, musicians–challenge our museums, libraries, and theaters.” President Bill Clinton stated in an old interview with PBS. This helps our point because it states that the arts induces humanity. The president says to challenge our artists which means to support them by encouraging them to bring about the most awe inspiring ideas. The arts are the ideas and culture we accumulated over the era upon eras of thoughts created in the minds of bright thinkers and shining minds. By taking down the establishment of the arts and culture, an identity disaster would ensue. The ideals that define us will be taken away, and what makes us humans and a growing society will surely fade.

By taking away, cutting the budget of, or not supporting the arts a major part of our economy will lack out of revenue. The constant revenue that the arts produces can profit a small country year after year. The entertainment we know of TV shows, movies, music, games, and plays produce a decent amount of tax given towards the government, that if legislatures even cut off a bit of funding or support, the government may lose a couple million. Many industrial businesses and the government benefits from the advantages and inspirations of the arts. The arts creates opportunities to push boundaries in our economy to build our treasuries or the relationship between customer and employee. The government feeds off the use of arts in the nation. It is an unreasonable decision for the government to cut funding for the arts. The revenue of arts supports the government with a fortune of tax dollars. This does not even mention the money representatives of art can make. That’s when heads turn towards Hollywood. “But the fact remains that when you say we don’t have the money for this, the truth is there are other places in government. I would think the argument of the people who say that we don’t have the money for this more seriously, if they were willing to go out and conduct a similar witch hunt and to use similar kind of witch hunt tactics that they use, year in and year out during this time of re-appropriation for the NEA to find where there was fraud and waste and money that could be saved, the amount of money that we’re talking about here is so insignificant if the NEA were returned to the funding they had prior to these cuts, whether it was 130 or 150–I don’t even remember now–but I know it’s $99.5 million now the arts community is helping to balance the budget in this country. Federal income tax revenues from arts related incomes is $3.4 billion last year, people earning money in arts-related fields pay into the federal treasury $3.4 billion, and the government turned around and kicked back into seed money $99.5 million dollars.” This excerpt was taken from an interview with the actor and producer, Alec Baldwin, conducted by PBS. Alec Baldwin explains that by investing in arts, arts gives back a lot of money back to the government. He further explains that federal taxes gathered from arts related incomes was a colossal $3.4 billion. But in the present arts funding has been at a low, and we should fix that. "At Boeing, innovation is our lifeblood. The arts inspire innovation by leading us to open our minds and think in new ways about our lives - including the work we do, the way we work, and the customers we serve," writes W. James McNerney, Jr., Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Boeing Company. "We are a company founded on innovation and believe the arts, like science and engineering, both inspire us and challenge our notions of impossibility," says George David, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, United Technologies Corporation. "The arts foster creativity, and creativity is central to our business strategy," comments Randall L. Tobias, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Eli Lilly and Company. "Indeed, we believe there is a strong link between the creativity nurtured by the arts and scientific creativity. If our scientists are stimulated through their involvement with the arts, then it's ultimately good for our business -- and our community." These excerpts and interviews sum up the basic views of many industrial companies and the importance of funding the arts. They believe that the inspirational ideals of arts can push the minds of both customer and worker to create a better economy.

The use of arts can be added to the many fields of science and the innovation of engineering and architecture. You could argue that the arts could not matter in the span of scientific knowledge, but a lot of people have found it easier to understand science classes by taking artistic classes. According to a documentary by NOVA; “Einstein’s Big Idea”, Albert Einstein used many methods of arts in his thinkings. He, like many artists, locked himself in his own room thinking slowly and quietly. His constant thinking brought him into his personal dimension, and like many artists played around in their. Therefore bringing up the many theories that are officially accepted in the scientific community. In the same article from Psychology Today from a fellow scientist of Robert Michele Root-Bernstein: “After these many years in the classroom, I see those that have music and arts background seem to do very well in physics and often times head to engineering careers.” Even scientists explain the importance of arts to their own subject of profession. Continuing the trend. People find that math is much easier if they take an arts class. Much of art takes in ideas of geometry. So, geometry would become much easier and quicker to understand. To keep on this trend, architecture and engineering requires the many fields of geometry. Most people who only learned geometry, and nothing of the arts have a harder time. Of course, I’m not calling them not successful. It’d be easier to have passed geometry experience through the experiences of art. The arts relies on the physical capabilities of mathematics and science. While the sciences also relies on the creative, innovative, and original ideas of the arts.

In life, arts is all around us, and like mathematics, it builds up a lot of the basic foundations of society. So, I beckon you to consider the importance arts and spur yourself to support it.

The author's comments:

This topic was a debate that our class had covered in our club once. I based my arguments and evidence from the same argument I used before but added a lot of things different from the original debate.

I am a student in high school, and I personally love writing.

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