Why Cars Are So Cool

October 27, 2017
By jocelynpoms BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
jocelynpoms BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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There are so many different reasons why cars are so amazing. You can design them yourself, fix them up to exactly how you want them, and drive anywhere you want too. With today’s new and improved technology your car can become a luxury. You can get the exact car you want, whether it’s a lifted truck, expensive mercedes benz, a smart car or a jeep where you can go offroading and climb mountains. When you get your first car you know that there is a exact type that you want but sometimes we can’t get the exact one you wanted. It’s a lot cheaper to buy a in-expensive car and then fix it up yourself so you can get what you want for a better price. There are so many parts that you can put on your car that will make it look better on the roads and off the roads. There are shows that you can take your car too and you can either show it off or race it. One of the main reasons I love cars is because you get the freedom to make them into anything and everything, and then after you make them look cool you can show them off and take them to shows or races. When people look at your cars and say positive things about the car, it makes you feel like you did something right with  it. Owning cars is a way of bonding with your family because you can go anywhere, anytime.

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My dad was a car person before he passed away and he is the one that always showed me cars and made me love them.

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