October 3, 2017
By Anonymous

Why should anyone ever play baseball? It just seems like those who devote their lives to the game can never win. I’m in high school, and even I have to get up every weekend to go to the baseball fields, sometimes even as early as 7:30 A.M.

Imagine my disappointment, after I drag myself out of bed at the crack of dawn on a non-school day, just to lose to the opposing team and go back home.

But here’s the thing: gambling with my only day off; that is, risking I’ll feel that I played a game for no good reason, is exactly what the game of baseball is all about.

On any day, the best team can be beaten by an average team, and there are lessons to be learned from the first inning through the ninth. Baseball games teach players more than they realize. One key idea is how to work as a team, to earn runs. Another thing is, it helps players become responsible. For example, someone has to remember to bring all the necessary gear; if no one takes responsibility for doing that, the team is in trouble.

Baseball has its ups and downs, but if people take it seriously, they could go along way with the game.An example of a up in baseball is getting on a winning streak.A down to the game is batting in a slump. A slump is when the batter doesn't reach base safely in a long period of at bats.

There are many different levels of baseball. Everyone can play with the youth foundation that is close by, or if they are really talented, you can play select baseball.”Select” baseball is the best of the best that are from you area. They are all selected and put in the same team. “Select” baseball may cost a little more, but it is worth it in the long run. If you start playing with the older teams like the 16-Under team, they have a “Showcase Tournament.” They call these tournaments “Showcase,” because most of them have college coaches there to watch. People can “get watched” by the coaches from just playing good at the games. “Getting watched” means the coaches keep in contact with players as they watch their stats through high school.

Who knows? If the right coach sees the right player on the right day, the player could be offered a college scholarship to a D1 college. A D1 school is a Division 1 school. Those school are the popular ones that everyone refers to.

Many people have tried to play baseball professionally, but most of the time it. Dedicated players who are not afraid of hard work are the ones who succeed with baseball as their occupation.

Ninety percent of baseball is mental toughness, which is why some people cannot play baseball.. For example, a skilled ball player bats .300 and that's really excellent in baseball terms. Batting .300 is getting on base safely in 3 out of 10 attempts. If baseball isn't something people don't understand then they may think it's bad but it's really good.

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