Money or Knowledge?

July 25, 2017
By Amishi BRONZE, West Bloomfield, Michigan
Amishi BRONZE, West Bloomfield, Michigan
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College athletes should not be paid for their sport. Some colleges pay their student athletes to play in a specific sport. However, others feels that college athletes should not be paid. There are many reasons why.

Students go to college to prepare for their future. Sports in college are meant to be a pastime for those who need a break from their studies once in awhile. However, when students are paid to play their specific sport, their priorities change. Instead of focusing on their work, the student athletes would put sports first, then studies. This would cause the college athletes to shift their main focus from their work to the sport. The domino effect could continue to lead to a significant drop in the student’s grades. The sport would then be considered more of a job, and not an extracurricular activity.

Another reason why college athletes should not be paid, is because they wouldn’t receive the right amount of education for their future. There would probably be competitions out of state or even ones out of country. This would lead to frequent time off of college studies. Without the proper information the student’s need to graduate college, the athletes would have a hard time trying to pass their first four years of college. The struggle would continue, by affecting the athlete’s future years. For example, after college, the athlete may not know what to do in his life, despite the money he has already obtained from the sport he played in his first four years of college.
Last but not least, the sport the college athletes play would not sponsor sportsmanship between colleges. This would just take away the point of college sports. The athletes would be playing for money and their own personal gain rather than for their team. Also, makers of sportswear wouldn’t be able to advertise their products because the athletes would have to wear their designated uniforms.


Therefore, college athletes should not be paid for playing their sport. They wouldn’t focus on their college education and instead would concentrate on their sport. They most likely wouldn’t receive enough education for their future past college because of their lack of knowledge. Also, this would no longer sponsor sportsmanship between colleges. Instead, it would be more of a formality.

The author's comments:

I chose this piece because I heard my physical education teacher mention some college athletes getting paid for playing a certain sport at their college. Hopefully, the reader changes their opinions on this topic. 

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