Athletes Are Overpaid

May 16, 2017
By brooke141 SILVER, China, Maine
brooke141 SILVER, China, Maine
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“Every professional athlete owes a debt of gratitude to the fans and management, and pays an installment every time he plays. He should never miss a payment.”

  -Bobby Hull


Who do we value most? People who play sports and are more famous,right? Think about it. Why do we value  athletes or movie stars more  than someone who is doing environmental work, saving lives, or fighting crimes to keep people safe? Maybe it’s the fact these movie stars and famous/professional athletes are international,well known,and are making lots of MONEY that makes us value them. Professional athletes are overpaid.

There are a lot of reasons to be against enormously large  athlete pay. One reason would be,they get paid almost millions just to show up in a movie or commercial,with absolutely no audition. When just anyone wants to be in a commercial or movie they have to memorize lines and audition to even try to get the part. Another reason is these athletes say they are in this for the game not the money,but they go and do things to get themselves cut from the team or a race. Like Kurt Busch according to Daily Bulletin,”In this Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015 photo, Kurt Busch stands in his garage during a practice session for the Daytona 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series auto race at Daytona International Speedway, in Daytona Beach, Fla. In a stunning move just two days before the season-opening Daytona 500, NASCAR suspended Busch indefinitely on Friday, Feb. 20, after a judge said the former champion almost surely strangled and beat an ex-girlfriend last fall and there was a "substantial likelihood" of more domestic violence from him in the future.”These are some of my reasons why i’m against Athletes being overpaid.

Other important professions like a nurse don’t get paid as much as an athlete. According to  “Nursing Salary State Site”  “The highest a nurse can make is $70,540.00 a year”, compared to an athlete that can make $677,647.00 a season on average. Think about it a nurse that helps with your health and keeps you healthy makes less than an athlete who plays for the money more than the game. Why does someone who only cares about the fame and money make more than someone with a big heart caring for others keeping others healthy?
I hear the millions of people around the world yelling about how athletes should be paid the same amount or more! People say they deserve it after all the hard work they do during the season,but then again look at it this way. You’re a lawyer who is defending some of the largest cases that you’ve done yet this year. You go and you’ve helped those people and most of them are  proven blamelessness and you only get $160,000.000 for the  entire year. Then you go home and watch the Sports Channel and then you realize you make only $160,00 a year and they make $677,647.00 a season on average! After you have worked so hard all year long and a Professional Athlete works for a SEASON and makes much more than you. Think a little bit,why do you think they earn so much in a season and someone who works a whole year hard all the time to defend people make less than a season’s worth? Also look at a fireman lots of them are volunteer work,because we the people don’t want to pay taxes. We would rather pay someone millions of dollars who swings at a bat,catches a ball kicks a ball into a goal instead of someone who goes saves lives everyday!

So as you can see,professional athletes are paid too much. Imagine a world where everyone makes equal pay. Yeah, these athletes are noteworthy,but other people are just as significant. I admired Emmitt Smith,because he was once in the game for the love of the game,here’s a quote from him. “I have been a Cowboys fan since I was a little bitty boy. And my dream has finally become a reality, of not only just playing a professional, becoming a professional athlete, but playing for the team that I always wanted to play for.” -Emmitt Smith

The thing is, Emmitt Smith did play professionally in 1993, he in ranked $13.6 million. I ask you, did if we take the $13.6 million, away would he still play?

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