The Clippers, What Now?

May 3, 2017
By Aristotle20 SILVER, Hemet, California
Aristotle20 SILVER, Hemet, California
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So, my prediction for the Clippers might not have come out to what i thought it would be. I will own up to it though. I am a Los Angeles Clippers fan who lost to the Utah Jazz in 6 games and we have never made it to the conference finals let alone the NBA finals and we will not in the CP3, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin era and I have finally accepted that, but what now. CP3 and Blake Griffin are free agents this year and it's really looking scary being a Clippers fan. CP3 on the wrong side of thirty, with a Hall of Fame career is still in search of his first NBA title, and Blake Griffin being the face of the Clippers franchise but getting frustrated with all these loses during the postseason. The question is, what will they do?  Well the Clippers have come out and said they are offering Blake Griffin a max contract for 5 years is tempting he will still explore free agency. With this though I don’t see many teams willing to take the risk of the, Injury prone, always getting into fights Power Forward. Don’t get me wrong, Blake Griffin is a top Power Forward who will give you highlight plays and has been better at shooting the 3 ball this year, his track record with injuries don't help his case. Chris Paul on the other hand is a whole nother story. A top tier Guard who is a more traditional pass first Point Guard and can run the floor like no other. He is a future Hall of Famer and is in search of an NBA Championship. Lost of contending teams or on the verge contending teams will push for him. Spurs being one location where he his rumoured to want to go and even rumoured to go to the team he was drafted by, New Orleans Pelicans. Being one of my favorite players of all time I would like him to stay but for his Hall of Fame resume I would like to see him go elsewhere and win a title. Hypothetically if they both leave, the Clippers are in pretty bad shape, they will be left with DeAndre Jordan who isn’t a player whom you want to be your number one scoring option. If they both leave, I strongly think DJ will get traded for either a star player, which personally I do not like, a young promising sophomore or rookie player, or just a few nice draft picks. So as much as I want good ole’ Lob City to stay, I am really not keeping my hopes up. 

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This is a follow up on my last Teen Ink

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