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April 30, 2017

Have you ever wanted to play soccer? Do you want to learn new position? Without a doubt you want to wear the right clothing so you don't get injured. If you already play soccer you can learn from professional players. Surely you will learn something new about the most played sport in the world.

In order to play soccer you must know what each position means in order to have any impact in a game. There are three main sets of positions in soccer, defenders, midfielders, and the strikers. The defenders are situated four or three across the back, depending on how many players are on the field. The goalkeeper is also part of the defensive line. He stays behind the defense line and is the only person able to use their hands while the ball is in play. The midfielders are lined up for across the middle, also, depending on how many players are on the field. The midfielders make the plays in the game and they connect the ball from the defensive line to the strikers to score. They also dribble up and make crosses toward the center. Last but not least the strikers score the most goals. The strikers will receive the ball from the midfield and score. The strikers must also look for gaps in the opposing team's defense.

Without a doubt you cannot play soccer without the proper gear to protect you from injuries. The main articles of clothing are the jerseys and the shorts. The jerseys and the shorts will display the team's logo and the players number. The front or back may also display sponsors of that team. The next article of clothing is a shin guards. Shin guards protect your shins from the ball and other players that might accidentally kick you. To hold your shin guards in place you have extra long socks. You might have other pads such as a head pad shoulder pads or chest pads for extra protection. A goalkeeper will use gloves to protect their hands from the ball.

Players that excel at soccer become professionals. Some more famous than others. Some famous players right now are Messi and Ronaldo. They score many goals and are very talented at playing soccer. The coaches that coach of these players are also famous and usually have played soccer before on a team. The setup of the field is different than normal soccer players like kids and is usually bigger. With the bigger fields they play 11V11. There are also three divisions. There's Division I Division II Division III division three is the lowest division and division one is the players that you might see on TV. Professional soccer teams are good to watch if you need to learn how to play a certain position.

For sure you have learned more about soccer from my essay. Now that you know the impacting positions you need to score goals. You Also learned what protective clothing prevents injuries from occurring. And lastly some famous players to inspire you and help you learn. Now that you know the basics you can delve into the strategic game of soccer.

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