Why Tom Brady is the Greatest QB of All Time

April 18, 2017
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Tom Brady is one of the most loved, and at the same time most hated quarterbacks in NFL history. He has many accomplishments, but some people still don’t think of him as the best QB in the history of the league. Tom Brady, aka the G.O.A.T(Greatest Of All Time) as he is often referred to, is without a doubt the best QB, if not the best player in NFL history. His legacy will go down not only in NFL history, but in the history of all sports. The New England legend is the greatest QB of all time because he has more rings than any other player in NFL history, he pulled off the greatest comeback in the Super Bowl ever, and he has set several postseason records.

The first reason why Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all time is because he has the most super bowl rings by anyone as a player. “He has five Super Bowl wins. That’s the most of all-time”(Kyed). Tom Brady’s career will likely be remembered by his success with winning super bowls. Out of the seven super bowls he’s been to, five of them earned him a championship, and four of them resulted in a super bowl MVP. This is a feat the no one else in the history of football has accomplished, which automatically puts Brady in company with the all time elite. The amazing talent of Brady is one of the major reasons that the Patriots have been as successful as they are.
Tom Brady is the greatest of all time also because of his seemingly impossible comeback in Super Bowl 51. “Coming back from a 28-3 deficit with 8:31 left in the third quarter seemed completely impossible to even the most logical human beings. And it seemed even more unlikely when the Patriots took almost six and-a-half minutes to drive down the field for a touchdown. But the Patriots chipped away quickly as the fourth quarter raced by in the greatest second-half comeback of all time”(Kyed). Many of the people that watched the super bowl were amazed that the Patriots, led by Tom Brady, overcame a 25 point deficit to earn New England another championship to its legacy. While the defense performed amazingly in the 4th quarter, holding the Falcons to zero points, the offense led by Tom Brady turned the game around to go home with the Lombardi trophy. The clutch performing of Tom Brady allowed the team to perform on a dominant level to end up on top.

Finally, Tom Brady is the GOAT because his stats in the playoffs are barely even comparable to anyone else. “Pass attempts: Brady has thrown 1,183 passes in the postseason, 156 more than second-place Peyton Manning...Brady owns the record with 738 postseason completions, 89 more than Peyton Manning...Yards gained: Brady has 7,957, which is 618 more than Peyton Manning...300-yard games: Brady has 10 games of at least 300 yards passing, one more than Peyton Manning...Brady has 56 career postseason touchdown passes, 11 more than second-place Joe Montana”(Smith). Tom Brady’s stats in the postseason are impeccable. As an active player, he already owns most records for stats in the postseason by a QB. This likely means that if he makes it to the postseason again, then those records can be added onto. This means that Tom Brady has had less playing time than many other former legend QBs, but still broke their all time records.

Tom Brady, even as he ages, is still one of the best QBs in the NFL. He can continue to dominate for years to come to cement his legacy. Tom Brady is the best Quarterback in NFL history because he has the most rings out of all NFL players, he came back from a 25 point deficit in the super bowl, and he has set many postseason records.

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