JaVale McGee

April 7, 2017

A tall boy heads to the gym everyday after games and practice to play basketball. He runs up and down the court, jumps high and low. He follows in Diesels footsteps. Watching tape and practicing his moves until perfection.

He would do hook shot and fades trying not to make a fool of himself again. He tried to be the best he could. He really did put in 100% effort. But he still made shaqtin a fool. He would blame his teammates for setting him up for failure. The boy would bounce from team to team and land on the best team in the league. But by this time he was considered the best player is shaqtin history with 2 shaqtin MVP’s.

When the boy would try he would make a fool of himself but did ok when not trying. It made no sense. But now the boy has a chance to prove everyone wrong. He has the chance to be a NBA champion. And gain the respect from everyone. But the boy will probably get a couple more Shaqtin MVP’s down the line.

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