Resting NBA Players

March 31, 2017
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Resting NBA players is a huge topic for NBA fans and analysts. There are a lot of analysts and fans that are angry or upset that all star players get to rest before the playoffs because their teams have already made the playoffs. I agree with the fans and analysts and I don't think it's a good idea at all. I actually think that the NBA commissioner should make it so players can only rest less than 3 games a season other than for injuries. Fans are upset for many reasons, fans that live a long way away and travel to the games to see their favorite players not even play. Another reason is when your favorite team is playing and they play a good team or a rival and you really want your team to win, but the all stars or the best players on their team are sitting the bench and your team loses the game. The competition has gone down a lot in the last couple years and this is a big reason why in my opinion.

Resting players is a terrible idea. Just imagine an 8 year old boy that is the biggest Cavaliers fan and LeBron James was his favorite player and all he wanted was to go see him play. His parents save enough money to go to the game and he is excited to see his favorite team and his favorite player play. The only thing that is wrong is that LeBron is sitting out the game that he is going to. How upsetting is that for the kid to be at a Cavaliers game and not get to see his favorite player perform.

There is a huge rivalry game that is scheduled for tonight. The one team has chosen to sit the best 3 players on the team. All of the fans that spent money on going to the game just wasted their money on a game that their team loses by a lot because they sat the best players. There is no point in going to the game when there is no competition just because a team sat players. I think that is a problem in the NBA.

The NBA used to be a hard and physical sport, there were fights, players were really tough, and everyone wanted to win the games. Everyone was competitive and wanted to prove themselves to others that they were better than the other players on the court. Resting or sitting players has been a reason why the competitive spirit has gone down. Before player played games with sickness or injury, but now players sit because they are tired and they need to rest. Kobe Bryant hurt his Achilles' tendon and still got up and shot his free throws, but now if a player barely gets hurt they are taken out and sit the bench.

Sitting players for rest is a big problem in the NBA and it needs to be changed. There are numerous reasons why it's wrong for players to sit. There are alternatives to rest during the season, but sitting out games should not be one of them. It's just wrong for fans waste money on seeing their team get destroyed because the best players sat the bench. It's not right for the fans to be treated this way and it needs to change quickly.

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