NBA Stars Should Be Punished

March 27, 2017
By AFu2344 BRONZE, Ho Chi Minh, Other
AFu2344 BRONZE, Ho Chi Minh, Other
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NBA Stars are idols for basketball fans all over the world whether it’s Steph Curry popping that three or Lebron James posterizing a player. These are probably our fondest memories of the NBA, but behind all that is a secret the franchise is trying their best to prevent our young fan base from seeing.

Irresponsible, and reckless is how I would describe some of our NBA stars. Time, and time again we see players swear at each other.

I believe that the NBA cannot allow the players to continue acting this way. “A limiting factor to the franchise is what I would call it.”(Pure Magic Orlando)

I was at Cleveland's celebration after winning the NBA championship. I remembered seeing Lebron as he slowly walked up the podium. I could still remember his first words. “It’s still so surreal to me….How we made it here today!”

What happened next I would have never expected. Of course, I was not in Cleveland, and in fact. I was watching a Fox replay.(James Fnn Lebron) My mother heard all the swearing and proceeded to walk to me. She screamed at me saying “ What is this person doing swearing so much on TV! It’s bad influence for you!”

I was astonished. An NBA player arguably the face of the franchise swore in front of a huge crowd of adults, and children!

I know for a  fact if I was a parent I would have to re-evaluate and stop my child from watching the most amazing sport on the planet. With arguably the best athletes all competing against each other. For sure everyone would think that would be a shame.

Can you really blame me? Letting my child have a role model, and he swears on a consistent basis!
Although some people say players get fined. Which is having to pay an amount for breaking a rule stated in a rule of conduct. For any unsportsmanlike actions on the court. Do you really think that’s enough? An NBA player like Lebron gets paid 30.96 million dollars a year(Sports USA Today). A normal fine during a game in the NBA. Would be $2000  every time a player draws a technical foul. Which is having unsportsmanlike behavior, and that is part of swearing to a referee, or any sort of disrespectful act (Orlando Pure Magic).

If one isn’t enough, how about I give you another example of a player misbehaving. Draymond Green is part of the Warrior’s starting lineup. Which in fact is arguably the most popular team in the NBA, and yet he constantly gets fined for dangerous acts like fighting in a basketball game.(Draymond) Guess what? He doesn’t care because his payroll can cover that with plenty to spare.That just completely bugs me how a role model/idol would think that they have the right to do that, and get away with it by paying a small amount.

Besides, the guidelines, of the NBA are the are way too loose around the players since what they do outside of the games like swearing is up to them.Yes, that means interviews, and news report too!

Just think about all that attention they’re getting. It could easily influence children of our age and create terrible habits like swearing at early ages.

Lastly, some people may say that NBA players should be able to swear since they are athletes and not role models. Hear me out! I agree that the players are paid professionals, but with so much media exposure. It’s simply not beneficial to the NBA franchise, and the young viewers of the NBA. So, I ask you once more the owners of the NBA franchises. You guys need to increase the fine or, have more restricted contracts around the players. To ensure that this is suitable content for all ages.

The author's comments:

This was a piece I created in my writing Class that I want to publish. I wrote about this certain topic because I love sports and have been seeing some terrible things happening in the NBA.

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